5 Minute Freewrite: dread locks

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Dread locks. One dreads locks. One must dread locks, for they are for keeping one out, or in. Either way it's not nice. I want in. Or out. What is the lock, exactly? Could be twine, or wire, could be a padlock. Pad lock is not so nice. Nor is dread lock. Pad and Dread went for a walk one day, down a nice leafy path, but only one came back. Was it Pad, or was it Dread? Lily Pad it was. Because it was a leaf. Leaves are nice and brown and smooshy. Or crumbly. Lots of nice crumbly leaves in my tea cake. Reading the leaves, it's not good. Not good at all. In loving a thing, our child has made it all our thing. His, what's the word, what's the word...his running something or other. His lines. Our lines. We are all become this thing, so it's not just his obsession, it is ours. Hours. Hours and hours and yet never enough.


How profound. How deeply your subconscious works.

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I like this. I like the movement from thought to thought. Thanks for sharing.

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