5 Minute Freewrite - Cleft

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As in cleft chin, which some people call butt chin, which I find distasteful. Butts are fine, though. Cleft chin. Chin dimple. Are they the same thing? I've actually looked this up several times because Lochlan has a chin dimple, and it's one of those things that I just can't seem to retain the knowledge of. I think because I've read conflicting reports. Or because people don't know for sure what causes them? No, I think they know. It has to do with the way the skull forms, and the coming together of the jaw bones. If they come together not quite evenly, that can cause a chin dimple or a cleft chin. Apparently sometimes people can have one without it being easily visible, I think I read in one article. So feel your chin, you never know. But really, there's nothing wrong with butts. It's just, to imagine a butt on a face is all kinds of backwards in a wrong way. Didn't they do something like that in American Gods, or Preacher? I think it was Preacher. My parents watched that show and I saw fragments of episodes at their house on a visit. Someone had a butt chin or something. But a literal butt. I don't remember for sure. What is reality, anyhow? Some people don't use their butts for pooping. Nothing



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