5 Minute Freewrite: awful boss

in #freewritelast year

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Awful boss*
Awful boss
Awful bo-oss!

Awful boss
Awful boss
Awful awful boss!

Awe full full of awe and shock and wonder
Eye full full of tears
Tears, like ears
Tears, like airs

Little rips unzip inside to little bugs in little snug sleeping bags

Glow bugs
Make the eyes light up!
With wonder

Like a child
Oh wow! to everything

Sigh sigh deep sigh
Fly fly in your eye

That's your problem, see?

Can't see in the dark!

Shmark hark lark mark
har de har har

Floobity floo! Away she flew, that turtledove
Flit flit flit wings on body

School shmool maybe it's time
Do something meaningful
Like count birds

*the first two stanzas are meant to be sung to some tune I can't remember the name of. Make something up.


Singing away 👍🤣 twice lol

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