Today I got an e-mail from a Steemian

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It doesn't matter who, it doesn't matter why, but I've been having fun connecting more with Steemians outside of Steem lately. Part of it has to do with my new website (, and people now following those adventures on my social media ( & But I start seeing more and more familiar faces in my 'Facebook Friend Recommendations' as well - as it appears more and more people start connecting over there too.

It's a little reminder, to me, when people 'like' and 'comment' or 'send an email' that we're connected in more ways than just in this ecosystem. It's not a real surprise, to me, as I still maintain connections from my community blogging adventures in my teenage years. But, it's a nice confirmation nonetheless.

We build connections here, first and foremost. Friendships, a network.

Last week I was confronted with the question if I had to/wanted to move countries. Nothing spectacular, no oceans would be crossed as opposed to a similar thought experiment a few months ago, but still, I would have to leave my home, city and country behind and maybe settle in a new one.

I realized: almost all the countries that shortly crossed my mind as options or alternatives for my current home country I new a Steemian or two. Sometimes I even knew which Steemian lived in which city.

I messaged one Steemian, how their city was, where they lived, if I would like living there.

The conclusion was: maybe. But also: It would be so much fun if you would live here!, they said.

And that's the thing. It would be. I make friends here. I can move countries, travel for a week or month, and I would be able to meet up with some of you, and build upon that.

It's a great blessing. You guys make my world smaller, and bigger at the same time.

...Today I got an e-mail from a Steemian. It was the first time a Steemian had e-mailed me. But suddenly I trusted that we would all be able to find ways to get in touch, whenever, wherever, when needed or wanted.

I'm celebrating that fact.

Just a freewrite after I've been absent for more than a week. So sorry. Stuff is happening. Good stuff, but distracting stuff. Hope you are all well. I will shitpost a little more in the next few days and weeks.

Photo taken on my favourite beach in The Netherlands. I would miss our coastline if I were to move countries.

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It has been great to meetup with Steemians (you especially) and I hope to do it more in the future.

<3 Yes, that was a lovely meet-up we had! Sometimes I see our 'red light district' selfie when scrolling through my photos and it makes me smile every time. Let's hope your work provides you with a few more meet-up opportunities this year :-)

I am hoping my work takes me back to Amsterdam for longer than last time :D

"Network is my net worth"

Your next conversation could be a life changing opportunity.

Just gave Studionocta a follow on insta. I also use FB, YT and Insta to connect with people and learn new things. I have found some of the crazy, talented and funny people doing wild things, all thanks to social media. xD I already feel lucky enough to earn my bread on butter on the internet. It was possible because I used all opportunities to connect.

Keep connecting @soyrosa xD Keep creating!!

Hello xD

Especially in the 'early days' of Twitter I was really involved, I even gave presentations about Twitter to companies :D How to set it up, use it wisely, etc. It helped me graduate in more ways than one too - magical. I let go of the non-Steem ones for quite a while, but it's providing a network I can't have here, and vice versa. So just trying to find the right balance :-) I hope Steem becomes the 'one place to catch all' of course :D

Thanks for the comment and Insta follow @hungryhustle!

Dear @soyrosa

Those are some really nice scarfs. Are those your own products/designs?

It's a little reminder, to me, when people 'like' and 'comment' or 'send an email' that we're connected in more ways than just in this ecosystem.

It's also kind of reminder, that steem/steemit do not provide any tools which would allow people to communicate with each other on less-public way (comments). That we need centralized tools to do that.

I wish you and your shop all success. Do you plan selling your products only within EU or outside as well? And will you be accepting other payments than FIAT?


You never seize to amaze me with your ability to make a good post out of everything :)

Nice that you have found some connections outside of steem, highlighting the fact, as you mentioned, that we are connected outside of this ecosystem. Giving you an ig follow now :-)

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now i don't feel like steemian any more :( :P