5 Minute Freewrite - Forest

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It was just another calm morning where I woke up in my tent. The forest was misty and the dew that formed on the trees all around me created drops so few and far between that you could hear them plop on the tent covers every few seconds. The sound was mesmerizing. Like rain in slow motion. Plop... Drop... Drip...

I knew this was going to be one of the calmest moments of my life as I lay there taking in the songs of birds and the ever so rustling leaves. As I looked outside I could barely see the tree tops. The mountains behind them are just a spectrum of unified color. I was surrounded by the mist. This little bubble that kept me sane and calm. Stress free from the outer world.

This too must fade, as the sun rose higher and higher the colors slowly flowed into view and with it, life and all that it entails.

The forest must once again be left behind and we need to carry to eventually return to it once more.

Thank you @mariannewest for the 5 minute freewrite series.

Anyone interested please go check our her series and show some support or even try your own 5 minute freewrite.


It really goes to show how few words it takes to create the backdrop. Two paragraphs and I felt like I was there. You use just the perfect amount of description to convey the surroundings while leaving plenty to the imagination. That's called quality writing. 👍

Thanks a ton! I never really know if what I write actually makes sense. Especially with the speed writing, it just flows out and I hope it works. Glad this one did! =)

Very fine writing! I most enjoyed your description of the sound of dew drops on your tent.

Thanks mate! Those sounds are truly some of the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommended!

I agree with what @inalittlewhile said!

Thanks! =)

Nice freewrite @scrooger - it reminds me of the times I used to sit in a Forrest and just wait for the wildlife to approach me :0

Oh how I wish to camp somewhere with loads of wildlife, not too wild though. =P

Beautiful writing - it made me feel very calm and remind me of the days I used to go camping in the forest. Great post

Forest camping is the best, right? Glad to have made you feel calm, guess this post has done its job! =)