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Hey Hivers,

Made time for a quick freewrite today. If you keen to get involve find the latest prompt here.

No time? Or no time like the present? I have been meaning to make time to write moe, starting with a 5 min freewrite. But even that seems to take up quite a bit of time no? 5 min yes, but editing and finding a cover pic, etc., all takes up more time. I always feel like there is just so little time, but so do we all no? A mom of a toddler, a co-founder of a startup, a wife, a daughter, a mother. I honestly feel that it all gets my time, and I don't have much time for me.

I turned 35 on Monday, and I feel less stressed about it all. Maybe I'm just burnt out; perhaps I'm rebelling. But I guess I can do what I can, and only so much. I have been trying to make time for me in the form of workouts and self-care. Taken to online shopping instead of physical. But this has made me feel more of a recluse. Maybe I just don't like people anymore. Maybe its the pandemic, maybe I'm slightly burnt out? Maybe I just need some answers. Perhaps I'm just rambling now and scared to start a new topic as I fear I will run out of time. And I just did...

Tell me what you think, what you really really think?

Despite the incoherent thoughts, I'm keen to get your take. comment below if you have some TIME - (see what I did there?).

Follow Me, And everything will be alright.

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P.S. if you got the reference here - give me a sign!

Much Love from Sunny Cape Town,



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