Baby Acne, Hormones, Battle Babies, Freewrite and 142SP to Minnows

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Hi Steemians,

Its been a while since I wrote a post, apart from my little rant about how some humans refuse to think on Friday.

So I thought I'd give a quick #freewrite ago to get me back into the swing of things. Today's prompt is "Baby Acne" if you keen to get involved have a look at @mariannewest's post here.


Baby Acne is pretty much like teenage acne without the scarring, both emotionally and physically. Your face is covered with spots like a hormonal teenager in middle school who probably is also due to get braces. lucky little babies don't have teeth and are cute as a button either way. They can literally get away with anything because of said cuteness. Bad fashion choices (which is mostly the parents' fault), pooping on everyone and everything they encounter, throwing up on the world. 2 wreaking their choice of havoc they basically look like saints and steal the hearts of everyone they interact with.

The acne passes fast though, in a few weeks. trying to get rid of it is a pointless battle. You can't fight the effect of hormones. if you don't believe me, try reasoning with your closest lady friend while she is at her peak of pms. Tis impossible. Tis pointless. Tis best to throw chocolate bars at her and run the other way. So when trying to fight baby acne, just remember, it's a battle you should rather not pick.


Times up but that was fun! I also just found these cool images of battle babies. How rad are these toys?? Whos says all babies need to be babies they can be hardcore too!

More Battle Babies

All Battle Babies were found here: Battle Babies by Brad Rader on Please check out the article for more about these crazy toys.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Unhumongous & Bullshot

Afro Toddler & Count Tiger Gun

Double-Edged Dumplings & Cybear Vishnu

That's all from me, for now!
{mimi out}

142 SP To Minnow, Give a girl some upvote love

I hope you enjoyed, and if you found these babies as facinating as i did, give her girl some upvote love. I'm only 142 SP shy of getting to minnow!

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Acne's in babies is really not cool, I usually feel pity for such babies.

It's over really quickly. And doesn't really affect them in anyway. It's all the moms hormones leaving their body. Doesn't look nice, but that's about it!

Awesome toys! These are clearly the leftovers of other toys. Like reassembling something and you always are left with some parts that your have no idea where you should have put them and you just put them in to a spare parts / knick-knack box. Just in case. Barfing bear has to be my favorite. And do not say that it's not barf, it's fire, as I don't believe you.

Lol barfing bear is cool but I gotta go with afro toddler samurai. So bad ass.
Might be leftovers or just some crazy imagination. People can invent some weird shit lol

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whoop whoop! thanks for the support! You'll make a minnow out of me yet!

Hey @mimismartypants yes we will! Minnowhood for you ASAP! Don't forget to use our tag or banner in your posts so that we can continue to support you and help you grow!

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Awesome and good luck