Weekend Freewrite -1/18/2020 - Single Prompt Option

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Weekend Freewrite

On weekends, we are switching it a bit up for one day.

If you are ready for a bit more of a challenge - 3 prompts to weave into a 15-minute freewrite - stop reading now and look for this graphic


If you like to do one of our usual 5-minute freewrites - read on.

Today, you have the choice to write on any one of the prompts posted so far. I am pretty sure that most of you haven't done every single one yet.
When you are done, post a link to or your complete freewrite as a comment on this post.

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes.
  • Start writing
  • Use the hashtag #freewrite
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)

Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post.

  • Or, if you don't want to publish your freewrite, just copy and paste as a comment under the prompt post.

Your Prompts - Your Choice

leeringfleecemain streetfernrecycle
dreadlocksnail bitingsea levelretirement
lentil soupmorning mistblack tealeather shoes
red lightsugar cubesstuck drawerdisoriented
iced coffeenight shiftpaper planetap dancer
lazy windnautical languagebroken toenailsalt rinse
hot spotvegetablesnot movingstovetop
step out of the shadowno added sugarmushroom suit
homemade wafflesappointment booktwist and turn
disposable diaperchocolate cakeknitting needle
winter barbecuevertical antennasesame sticks
meat with gravyturn signalhear, hear
humming bird flowerhot tamalestone wall
shaken not stirreddeep spacefilthy rich
school housegut reactionin the box
I'm blessed100 kilos of fishroom service
Gotham cityhalcyon daysperfect nanny
glass bottleear phonesnot normal
benevolent dragonshiny pirate beadswet carpet
pink baby poolmetal butterflystone rose
fake videomanipulationseed saving
digital humanhouse guestraking leaves
red curtainburnt skinnavajo taco
baby acnegas leakawful boss
poetry readingscreeching tirespink collar
engine soundno trespassingspider web
several sightingsdog whistleslaw and order
harbor cruisedamp conditionscommunity garden
we are youngblack eyed peas

new lawsapplecougarhappy
roosterpig's earBeaconpineapple
saxophonegrasssoundmini van
let's eatsnapshotjitterymeditate
hungerbeadspound cakefan

prompt by @deadgrlsuppastar.jpg
If you are using this picture as a prompt, please give credit to @deadgrlsuppastar

Bored stiffWarriorblueherbs
lizard cavea smiling houseyesterdayphone
after midnightstartedsplinterwood
some changecrazyApricotprototype
white catdirty dishesa purple squirreldiscord
bubblinga shoeoozecore values
playersparachutedScreamtalking dog
HairBig waveBittersweetgrand piano
pastaThe goat ate myblackfire
airplanedescribe greenmosquitoswildflower
snoringquitsalty airblues
rainmishapThree grapessquash
a red scarftwinsmoldmovement
nose hairdelicatepillEagle Scout

  • I saw a wild pig running down the street
  • write about something which was left at your door
  • It's what I do at 2:30 in the morning when I can't sleep
  • She glanced around her as the pelicans talked to each other in the car and wondered if maybe she should call her Grandmother and ask her advice...
  • stranded on the sofa like whales with a plancton's indigestion
  • a ridiculous amount of fun
  • describe the room you are in
  • If you have any thoughts, please let me know
  • What does a banana taste like?
  • You walk through a door - what do you see?
  • describe your morning feeling

great-grandpa's nosepalimpsest, and: describe wind
my shoe got stuck in the mudsuffers in silence
First African in SpaceThe smell from within
It was Saturday morningRound is a shape
a special occasionswimming with the dolphins
Good morning sunshinefood to the table
the taste of chickenspent and tired
fresh floor waxhardboiled minds
smooth as silkdescribe your shoes
see you on the other sidesurprise coming to you!
feet soft as fogthe smell of a dumpster
the sky is clearfeeling the love
describe a clockFreedom of Personal Power
death on the tablethe four corners
not in my neighborhoodtemples made with hands
describe your front doora creature of absolute convictions
show me the way home600 bottles of beer on the wall
rush to judgmentmoving to the city
mangy calico catthe sexy tango
stale pepperoni pizzafrayed power cord
warm amber eyes10,000 feet elevation
inappropriately dressedringing in a birthday
only what we could carryhaters will be haters

a kissglassesbowlhelicopter
chalkyard saleCaliforniagrief
dreamskimason jartowel
red tongueCoffee mugbackwoodssunscreen

prompt by @the.artist-98 2.png
if you use this picture in your prompt - please give credit to @the.artist-98

fried chickenvitaminsspabones
the atticplaidbeltquadrillion
sell-outgrocery listthe militaryflea market
frosting a cakeDEODORIZEmonkeydoor knob
mashed potatoesdesk calendarshawl
whiteboardbefore midnightscoutrobes
yogurtcoconutdescribe a birdnail
sweaterthe entrywaytrolleycherry
fleaher homemade jamspartywet
importantParasolback painscratch

Imgur by @loliboofae

swingfivehome alone40% off
Monkey's weddingwireappetiteone year
Travelmicedetectivedog breathcancer
potbelliedradio showsuccessfulracket
plugfeverVinyldirty feet
dragon breathwashclothssourdetox
small packagestickmusicremote
meal wormfreedommusclenot smart
trappedface maskyummyidiot
primateflashlightirritationI know
debtbe goneprimarymoth
come togetherrunning in placeWhipping cream
well-beingorange blossomrun for your life!
dry lipssunflower seedsforty-four
cross-eyedsmall talkcracking up
rose pedalsthe endquarantine
oppositionnot yetour greatest journey
the perfect daywarm water bottlefire alarm
church ladythe big freezepuppy love
bushwhackedin the limelightlocal derby
cookie cutterwild and woollyby the book
take carequeen of heartsjam tomorrow
groundhog daysound of sirensmagical realism
double timecliff-hangercabbage borscht
double crossedmom and dadin the club
gut feelingcold person

prompt by wandrnrose7.jpg
Photo credit @wandrnrose7

delegationfree eventwalrusspecial
awrybaby timesuffocatefootprint
a cursecreaturepersuasionkey
contourcoercionplum cobblerill humor
knifesuperfoodblue collarwildfires
eagle featherrat traphatbandnaked baby
povertykitchen knifeno panic
stitchbaggieNestcivil rights
baby talkdirt bikecover photowhite collar
trolley daydachshundgarlic breath
sweet walnut liqueur100 year old donkey
filthy blindsmouse droppings
underground stalagmiteshill of prairie dogs
swirls of cigarette smokemountain surfing
personal responsibilityashtrays all over the house
opens a lot of doorsideas worth spreading
describe the view from your bedroom windowrunning water
goodnight kissuncertain future
mountain peaka break for us all
a bunch of excusesI have chicken
mystery books

| | |

toothachegreen dropletscallouselection
dog hairduckschipsdesert
penawakeningI floss my tearssheep
stetsonnose ringsoundcheckiris

Prompt @marinaart.jpeg

if you use this picture in your post, please give credit to the artist @marinaart


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