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The smile that crept upon her lips the moment she closed her eyes and felt the comforter's warmth on her tired body got even wider. Lauren was surprised to discover that although she thought she was dictating the rules of the game, somehow, for some unexplained reasons, something was bubbling inside.

The mere thought that she could have fallen for him in such a short time, made her frown. She opened her eyes as if she was expecting that gesture to chase away the possibility of that to happen.

No way that she could have done that! It would have been such a cheap cliche! Like a script written by a ghost writer lacking imagination.

Everyone loves well documented stories, with unexpected turns, juicy gossips, outrageous plots and cliffhangers! That's what attracts the crowd. That's what makes the reader keep turning page after page. Not a "wham, bam, thank you ma`am!"

While she tried to dissect more her state of mind, she realized that although her recent acts went against her policies, she hadn't experienced the slightest feeling of guilt.

As she dove into a deeper instrospection process, she noted that her behaviour and mood were aligned for the first time in years.

She took a deep breath and pictured his face close to her chest. In that silent embrace she had felt a closeness which made no sense. People who just meet can't share a bond. Usually it takes a while until the two develop that level of connection. The familiarity that she experienced was puzzling her.

Though it was there. "Another mystery to solve, Sherlock!", she told herself while stretching her feet under the bed sheets.

While her brain was trying to label all these new events, her eyes were replaying in the back of her mind bits of images from earlier during the day. Too much to process in such a short time.

In a sort of way she felt like her body betrayed her, as it wasn't in her plans to do anything sexual that day. Not at the first date, or whatever that was. She decided not to label it and simply go with the flow.

On the other hand she was contented with the result of that betrayal, cause the aftermath was more pleasant than she would have guessed.

Throughout the evening she found herself thinking of him more often she thought she would. While she was typing her article on the stone house she had to make an effort to focus on the story and keep him out of her mind.

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I was just remarking on another post how much fun short stories are, because they do not need to follow standard storytelling convention at all. They can close the plot, leave it open, or leave the reader to fill in the blanks as to what happened, and you do it well.

Thank you! I like open endings that allow the reader to bring its own ideas into play. I find that it helps have the story longer in the reader`s mind as he is focused on deciding on a "proper" ending.