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RE: Dead as a doornail.

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lol! Hey, it was a bizarre accident and a very romantic idea! Ha..what is a Barmbrack and what kind of a name is Siobhan? Great story deirdyweirdy but a tragic turn of events for the dog. Too bad you didn't create one of your art masterpieces showing the dog spinning around. lol.


Barmbrack is a sort of dry spicy fruit cake eaten here at Halloween. The custom is to place a ring in it and whoever gets the ring in their slice gets life-long good luck.
Suffice to say, I have never managed to get the ring.
Siobhan is quite a common Irish name pronounced Shiv-awn.
My apologies for the absence of artwork. I tried to draw a dog spinning around but only succeeded in getting very dizzy;)'re so funny deirdyweirdy. Siobhan is pronounced shiv-awn? wow. You never got the ring. lol..yet. Maybe you will get it soon and then the rest of your life will be full of good luck!