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As a test, I went to an old post from before the hardfork and I upvoted it. It was at 62 cents before I voted. Presumably my vote made the display recalculate the value in HF21 dollars.

It fell to 44 cents.

I mean, of course it did. This was known. And I can hear folks saying, "18 cents, who cares?" Well, I do. That's a whole steem. I spent $5000 last year to get to 23k steem. I thought I could rely on the blockchain economics to remain constant. I wanted to get to 50k steem in three years, and I figured, if I

Oh, it doesn't matter. It's very frustrating seeing how humans behave. Not just on steem, but everywhere. The people in power tell you to just get on board or be left behind, and while, sure, some people continue to oppose what is bad for them, most go along with it.

I think we need the reverse of what we got. Extra value to posts with smaller value, and take it from posts with larger values. Even the values a bit. That would at least discourage bidbots. It wouldn't solve the problem of not-consolidation. But maybe there could be something else that would do that. KYC, for example. Yeah. KYC for anyone who WANTED to opt in to the rewards curve that gives extra value early. Otherwise, you never get to the top of the curve. Anything to ensure 1 account 1 person. And if people have other accounts, no problem. They just don't get the advantages of voting nicely with them.

Anyways. Looks like free market capitalism is just as broken as we already knew it was. Let's have fun watching society burn!

(I hope I have to eat my words in 30 days. We'll see.)

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I feel the same...

(I hope I have to eat my words in 30 days. We'll see.)

I'm holding off my STEEM from selling until it goes back up a bit but it feels more unlikely everyday.

Still, no one knows for sure what will happen. Maybe more curation rewards will encourage curators to buy more STEEM.

That's the idea, but I'm not holding my breath.

I feel you man! My reward value was increased. Moving to support my Steemit tribe of Weedcash exclusively soon.


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I was very discouraged to see my gorgeous 59 cent post drop to 34 cents after the fork, but then, I looked at my curation rewards and they’re at least double what they were. Every cloud……..
That said, overall it looks just like life, the biggest share of the spoils goes to those who have.
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That's a nice big vote! If you and 8 others with votes like yours all vote together, your votes will be worth the whole $0.59!

Edit. Apparently the bar has been raised even higher, and you'd need 16 friends with similar upvotes

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