It's time to calm down.

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Hello people! I hope you are sitting at home with your family, waiting for the best way to live in times like these.

I want to remember that a time ago a virus called COVID-19 came to light in China, where its results were very worrying in cases of death. After this, a pandemic was declared two days ago by the OMS, creating many social unrest and here is my concern.

Well, maybe, people can be really paranoid about the coronavirus situation, I do not want to alarm, my country suspended classes due to possible clinical cases of positive COVID-19, however, it is not due to losing classes but due to the reactions of the public Entirely, in addition to people abusing needs, a psycho-terror of this pandemic has been created.

I do not want to sound like a person without feelings, but all this is chaos that is being exaggerated, pandemic does not mean death, it is just a virus that attacks people who suffer from asthma, heart problems, among other diseases. In spite of everything, you want to prevent possible infections for those people who are prone to being infected. Although, I am upset about the actions the country took.

No masks, antibacterial gel, toilet paper and other required products are found in hospital and clinical centers. Will we let panic take over our lives? We must be aware of the situation, we must take preventive measures but not in a totally exaggerated way. I have friends who bought boxes of antibacterial with very high prices.

They are taking advantage of the chaos, it is unheard of how the pharmaceutical facilities increased the prices to only obtain double profit. Do we want improvement or destruction?

My parents are somewhat stunned by this pandemic, my brothers are afraid when they shouldn't be. It is a simple pandemic that I know will be able to fight, not all cases are death, there are cases that have been able to improve their conditions, that is, there is a way to elevate the health system to concrete stability.

But, the situation is not health, it is the people, the attitudes they have taken has generated a social dispute, where people unnecessarily buy hygiene products and food to the point that there is nothing in the markets.

Come on!

I want to leave as a reflective message, after so long, that life will continue, these are crucial moments as human beings. This tells us that we are not psychologically prepared for survival, we are highly praised. There must be relaxation, good hygiene and that's it. We will be fine.

I hope you are having a good day.

Mine has been great, only the time of the crown is radical.

Bye bye♡

It is time to pause and reflect.

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