How stressed I am!

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Do you know the word stress? I think if they know her, we all know them, it's a state of mind that I can describe in one word... HORRIBLE!

I mean, I think people can get stressed but not to the point like I am! Slowly dying...

There are several types of stress:

  1. You feel a pressure to finish things but you are relaxed
  2. You stop from bed and don't stop thinking about homework.
  3. You are crying for stress.

I am in the last phase, it is absurd for the University to put me through work after work, every day I feel a pressure on my shoulders and the evil little angel saying "It does not matter, you have time" when I know that there is no time but still, I lose Very valuable time.

I discovered that I am very disorganized when things are afloat or rather, the test is in two days and believe me, that my mother in my life had felt these feelings of reprobation. I have failed, several times, but it was also because I did not study, however at the moment, I am studying day after day and I know that it is not enough, that I should read more. Is this the University life? So stressful? Uhm... YES!

My consolation is that the people who are now a doctor, went through the same thing as me or even worse, of course, I have the support of my parents but they live 12 hours from where I currently live, that is, I have to do everything. Adult life is complicated! The worst thing is that the pressure makes me some classmates, always saying that "they studied a lot" maybe, I lack that confidence, but it is impossible to say that I feel good when I know it is a lie, a great beastly lie.

Days ago I was finishing a project and when I finished, I felt a kiss from the sky, that wings came out and I flew so high with joy. Then I remembered the exam and the wings vanished. Terrible. As you can read, I feel terribly scared, I feel that the test will be so difficult that I will cry in full test. Has something like this happened to you? Well, I think I'm exaggerating, HOWEVER, the teacher laughs at us because he knows it will make it very difficult.

Oh God.

Maybe, I will die.

Have you never been afraid to enter classes? Well, I have never felt it, but this time I think that when entering classes it is entering the wolf's mouth. I really want to be positive but it's impossible for me, hopefully everything goes well...

What if I tell the teacher that I have a psychological trauma when writing? Will you believe me? Bah, I'm dead and we all know them. But I want all of you to leave me beautiful messages, at least an external motivation can be of great help, right?

By the way, I think Giphy is one of the best pages to find good quality Gif, I think I will continue using that platform. They are great and very funny, it helps me to show my moods😘

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