Crazy day!

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It is time to talk about a very, very funny event.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had concerns about what to do without spending so much money. Well, we are a very productive couple and we love doing something away from home, those days it was full of exams and he needed a break, he, too, was in the same situation as me. Later, after talking about some plans that were silly, we looked at each other for several minutes and thought about what we were going to spend our hours on that day.

I wanted to go to the pool, the problem was the weather, it was all cloudy and it was going to be cold. The second option was bowling, I have never been and I really wanted to go, but it turns out that that day it would be closed. The third option was to go to the movies, but my boyfriend was not in the mood to go, actually, neither was I and I was already getting stressed.

The fourth option was to eat, but I started to analyze and it would be a great expense, so we crossed it out. The fifth and LAST option was to be in the house watching a movie while we had sweets.

We accepted that plan, everyone bought what we were going to eat, I was very excited because we don't always have the time to do this kind of thing. The day came, I got ready and I went to his house with the provisions, when my boyfriend arrived HE HADN'T BOUGHT ANYTHING and by the way DID HE NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILM! My face was changing little by little, it was incredible that he did not do anything we planned...

He, with his best scared face, said that his time was up, I looked at him and I started counting the hours, I waited for the movie to download and told him that we both go to buy his candy. And so it was, we went to a store and he wanted to eat cereal, he also went to buy milk and I was surprised because that is breakfast for me and we had already had lunch, but as a good girlfriend I accompanied him to his madness.

We walked 15 min to the first store and there was no milk, to the second store and neither, I was at my limit, I was thirsty and we could not find milk. When we went to the third store, I asked if there was milk and they answered YES. I was happy and we bought it, when we left the store, we saw his house very, very far away.

There I said demons...

We walked uphill for half an hour, it was tenacious but we did it. We arrived tired, we drank water and when I got to the computer, I ran into my third crisis, THE INTERNET WAS GONE.

My rage was huge, I wanted to see the movie and all because of my dear boyfriend who did not download it from the beginning, I fought with him and kept quiet, because he just laughed and hugged me. When he hugged me, my body felt warm, but not from annoyance but from love, from affection, I loved him and I could not be bothered by something so simple.

I laughed and said that we could eat the sandwiches while we watch a movie on television, he accepted and we ate like never before. I ate Doritos and he cereal with milk, we ate so much that we entered a collapse of fat, I could not even get up and he threw himself on the floor as if it were an attack, I was scared and he said I am very full.

I laughed, we laughed, the internet came, and when we put the movie on, I fell asleep and he did too.

So, it was a moment of much laughter and annoyance, but it ended as always, the two sleeping together with much love.

I hope you have a partner to do this kind of thing so small and sweet. Hugs and kisses :)

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