Imperfection is ok

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One thing that parenting had taught me is that imperfection is okay.


Photo is taken from, captured by Isabella and Louisa Fischer

I used to be a perfectionist. Needless to say, in my growing up, I performed very well in my studies and activities. Every single project must be done top notch or else I would not pass up. If passed up the not so perfect, my joy was robbed for whole day. I would beat myself up.

However, taking care of kids is not according to a fixed content, specific instructions or a comprehensive manual. They are human beings with wisdom, strength and will-power too. Each has his or her own uniqueness and character. You just can't confined them to one-type of parenting style. And they are random. Also, you can't control them to be who you want them to be, nor you can managed them in a way that they will follow your plan 100%.

Children love to play. Messy play is the best. It boosts their imagination and their brain power level up. You can have a clean squeeky shiny house anymore. No more imperfection.

I embrace imperfection. Imperfect is OK. Messy house is OK. Schedule upside down is OK. Because, along the imperfection tagged along the cheeky laughter of the little ones, the funny imagination talk of themselves coming out from their creative brain, the mysterious moves of dance or jump.


I go to my Autodesk Sketch app in my phone and drew this out without erasing or editing. Telling myself imperfect drawing is okay too. Colouring out of the line is unique art. Why the pink hair? Simply because I love pinkish purplish colour.


Thank you for reading my unpolished freewrite today. :)


The perfectionist is the eternal unsatisfied, it happens to me often, sometimes it's better to relax a little not everything can be controlled, right?