Freewrite House Favorites from Your Recommendations | Week 1-7-2020

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~ Freewrite House Favorites from Your Recommendations ~

Week 1-7-2020 - Win a Membership in Steem Basic Income - Tell us About a Favorite Freewrite

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Instead of clicking on the photos

to read the blog posts, let's try something @wakeupkitty inspired--anything to simplify the coding and formatting, which never get quicker for me (@carolkean) to do.



Hereby my entry. It's not easy to write in 5 minutes about a prompt given.

@wonderwop used the prompt "shawl" and managed to make me laugh and wonder about his Christmas present within even reading less as 5 minutes. What not suits him apparently suits Debbie no matter the temperature? Read for yourself

Memories of Gramma is a freewrite written by @wandrnrose. It took me longer to load her post but the title made me curious.
The prompt is "shawl" again and in this freewrite the second skin of the writer's gramma. A busy lady, very attentive and she knew how to reuse and save. Read more

A black widow is my third recommendation. Again the prompt "shawl" is used and this story is written by @@@@zeleiracordero. Perhaps the widow is fake, the shawl a great way to cover up but for sure the one who observed her is not free of guilt and the husband wasn't smart either. The story continues after the five minutes so you can read the end. Enjoy. Read more here



Taking the opportunity to greet you for the new year 2020 that just begins here are my recommendations:

@hlezama with Last Words a WeekendFreeWrite with entertaining scenes that give the community a spicy touch. Read more here

@zeleiracordero with her WeekendFreeWrite Short history A dish best served coldgives us a glimpse of what a little cat is capable of doing. Read more here

@wakeupkitty with Schal oder? (D) / Shawl or? (En) entertains us with her description of what this piece represents. Read more here



This one by @zeleiracordero about conversations and moments between an aging father and his child blew me away. It ends with an epiphany, and one many of us are blessed to experience, the moment when a parent becomes mortal in the eyes of their child. I highly recommend this one!
Read more here



I clearly have a lot of catching up to do in terms of reading and writing. Of the few that I have read, these caught my attention.
Apartment B - A Five Minute Freewrite by @wandrnrose7
Well written and concise. It makes me want to read more. I hope there's more to this story.

Read more here

Then, there's @kaelci who wrote these two freewrites. Will there be more? I'm eager to find out. And what's with the cow? I'm curious. ^_^ Read more here

Coffee Is Required - a five-minute #freewrite - Read more here



I want to share a touching story using prompt "shawl" by He opens with a conversation between two sisters who are going through their deceased mother's clothing to donate then when memories are triggered by one apparently special item. This is a photograph into one of life's most difficult lessons shared in the unique voice of this gifted writer.

Read more here



I truly enjoyed reading this one by @wandrnrose7 this week to the prompt: backwoods:

I liked the way it was written and I could feel that I was watching a scene from a movie or drama set in the olden days where the stigma of class is very prominent in a society. Quite frankly, I did not know the meaning of backwoods but after reading @wandrnrose7's freewrite, I think I get the idea. Read more here



Today while I was delivering the prompt, I ran across my good buddy's Freewrite on backwoods. @d00k13 had taken a break from vblogging because he's had moved to a new town and hasn't had much of a chance to scope out the neighborhood because of the weather, he lives in Canada. He likes to walk Jerry and create his posts outside. He realized he has talents that would allow him to continue with his posts anywhere! Please go check out his Freewrite!
Read more here

NOTE: I tried to switch the URL to but it didn't work this time.



I like this post by @zeleiracordero for the prompt of backwoods. She has written a very good fantasy tale that is unexpected and takes you to a different world. Even though this is a complete story as is, it could go on, and I would like to read how it comes out. Yes, I read some fiction! Read more here



Given my aversion to clocks, calendars, and commitments, I have to recommend @wakeupkitty's freewrite on how to keep busy. Read more here


"Did you change the deadline to Friday now, or is this a typo?"

@fitinfun asked. For me, @carolkean, to get these out on Friday morning, a Thursday deadline helped. If I'm heading out of town or offline, I sometimes posted on Thursday night, updating later if more entries came in.

Thank you for reading and nominating your favorites!

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Great stuff here, folks - here's a line that's so awesome I'm going to excerpt it here, and if you want to read more, you'll have to see if you recognize the author and the names Joey and Jenny, then find the link in the post above:

"Trust me when I say that I have never had a high thought of you," she paused. "Except that one time, when I was high and barely knew you."

I'll double the SBI!

You're so generous @enginewitty 💕🙏 thank you!

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No prob, just keep me posted😎

Super grateful for your readings and considerations. The emotion leaves me speechless. THANK YOU!

@carolkean - Thursday night - I think I put Friday because I posted really late - but that only impacts the prizes. You can't be expected to hunt down everything :)

And great job as always!! Thank you sooo much!

Thank YOU, Marianne!!

So great to see all this participation. TY @freewritehouse, @carolkean, and @mariannewest!

Thank you for the nomination and this fabulous post everyone 💕


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Thank you @felixgarciap and @carolkean for your recommendation.

It is a long list and I am happy to see how more motivated people are to join. I hope it benefits but if not it stimulates to read freewrites before we recommend one.

Thanks for making this post @carolkean. 💕

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