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Today's Day 859: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: insider provided by @mariannewest made me think of the pun. I had the damned "whose on first" going through my head so this is my take on it with the prompt.


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Machinery of all kinds filled the building and everyone of them was as loud as a plane. The thumping of the hammer presses, the loud rush of the flames working the forges, the snap of metal from the press brakes. Everywhere was noise and ear tearing loudness.

“It goes WHERE?!” Tim yelled over the racket.
“You put it inside there!” Frank yelled back pointing towards the controller cabinet.
“WHERE?!” Tim yelled again.
“YOU PUT IT INSIDE THERE!” Frank screamed at Tim.
“You put it in CIDER? What CIDER?” Tim yelled looking truly befuddled.
Frank slapped his face with his palm and shook his head. He wasn’t in the mood for this shit. “Stop being an asshole Tim!”

-End 5 Minutes-

“WHAT?! Come on, where does it go?” Tim seemed to plead.
“IN. SIDE. THERE!” Frank yelled and enunciated each word while pointing to the cabinet.
Frank shook his head again, turned back to his tool box and began packing his tools.
“I’m not doing this shit anymore. You can figure this out yourself. I’m going to lunch.” Frank said more to himself than to Tim. He picked his tools up and piled them back into his tool bag, grabbing his smock he started down the stairs to the factory floor.
“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Tim yelled after him.
As frank walked towards the time clock he raised his hand over his shoulder and held up his middle finger.

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Ha ha! That made me chuckle! Very well written scene!

This is a good one! :)

Excellent Freewrite @flemingfarm, thank you for using our hive tag first. Here's today's prompt.


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What we say and what people hear :)

I checked out your website and saw that you are selling wool and Alpaca. Very cool!! I just got back into working with fiber and have about 12 fleece to play with :)

We have a ton of raw fiber that we really need to get sent off and have processed into roving. A lot more wool than alpaca but we do have about 25 lbs of nice llama roving from our first processed batch of fiber. Are you spinning the fiber you have?

I am experimenting with felting. But I do have a spinning wheel I haven't used in forever. The wool I got is pretty dirty and from mixed race sheep, but I wore a piece of the felt I have made so far on my body right on my skin to test out how wearable the wool is and I didn't even notice that it was there - which is huge for me since I have pretty sensitive skin.
Do you know this podcast

I think they are in your area and have a mill you might be able to send your fiber to.

Btw. Your OB link leads to nowhere...

I am tagging my wife @stryeyz so she sees this link. She has done felting and dying along with spinning and crocheting.

Had not seen their site or the mill they run which is fairly close considering the number of mills in the country. We are going to stop in and see them the next time we are on the west side of the state.

Yeah, you are on the precipice of a bit of a rabbit hole if you dig the fiber since you could get all the machinery to clean the fiber at home...

I have to get my Open Bazaar store back rolling again as I have a bunch of stuff I need to list.

I am going to follow her :)
And I tend to get deep into rabbit holes with everything I do lol I am ready :) I hope your wife will (or has) post about the felting experience and such. I have always liked natural fibers and with the Navajo wool - they don't really have a mill close by and it might just get thrown away. If I can figure out a way to make doing things with the wool profitable for all of us, I would love that. For now, I just want to experiment and see what happens.

Just went to your wife's account - maybe sharing the felting is an inspiration to post :)

She is a lurker and uses her account to read my posts mostly. She works while I am home with the boys so she gets to keep up with what I am doing around the farm. I will poke at her about posting though as it would be good for her to get back to fiber work.

I'm afraid I haven't been posting on Steem. Facebook sucks me in too much 😂

Oh no!!! Evil Facebook!!! 😂
Well, if you do post about some of the things you did or are doing, I would love to see them. I am going to try to post about what we are doing as well. Probably on an account I have very much neglected - @sustainablelivin

Haven't posted there in forever...

I've been sorely neglecting my creative arts...fiber (spinning, crochet, though I've been doing a little crochet lately) and acid etching metals. It always feels like the time commitment is too much, so instead I fill in the gaps with dumb Facebook... Something i keep planning to change, and yet it sucks me in again and again...