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This Weekend's Freewrite -2/29/2020 Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 prompts as provided by @mariannewest. I enjoy these prompts and like how the 3 parts flow fairly easily. I've been freewriting for many months but it ended up being more of a journal so the prompts have been a good change of pace and different creativity output. Prompts are in italics.

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~Part 1~

Kurt was a huge, comfortable man, whose body dropped fast into any inviting spaces. The first thing most people would notice about him is the considerable amount that his body shrinks to fit into those inviting places. The bulk of a man quickly shrinks to fit whatever space is available. A trick learned over many years of hiding from the shadows that haunt the corner of his vision, a trick that has saved his life countless times.

Kurt had ruminated upon his mortality or seeming lack of. He had come to the understanding that his abilities had removed him from the normal time stream that most of humanity lived in. Each time he shrank his form he slowed time for himself, but those around him held normal time. The time differential had been no problem in the first few hundred years but after having lived through the middle ages, Kurt was far more keen to keep his secrets. The one unfortunate Queen that decided to try and force him into servitude to use his abilities in support of the crown has been on display as a mural on the wall of his castle, fully aware all this time of the world passing her by.

~Part 2~

She thought: What a tremendous lot I have failed to think through! Yet I always thought I thought through things so well! The last time it was a large German Sheppard, the time before that a Boston Terrier, and the time before that was a 6 year old boy. She was tired of urine. This time was one of the most egregious in months. The man stood before the wall and stared straight into her eyes.

“How does he know I am here?” She thought.

Kurt stood before the mural covered wall and stared into the eyes of the Queen, his one and only hold over. All the others had been let go of their prisons to allow them to move on naturally, except for her. The strange effect that she had upon the world has haunted his memories for half a millennia and his determination to keep her determined force locked up has remained strong.

~Part 3~

A whiff of strong smelling soap drifted across the street corner, the bubbles beginning to flow freely from the door to the small brown stone. Kurt had found himself enveloped in a mass of foam. The only time he had experienced foam was on the ocean’s edge and that had carried him away for many years. The problem with foam and masses of bubbles was Kurt’s affinity for floating. The bubbles are all hollow and are the perfect vessel to hold Kurt as he floated through the air. His true joy laid in the hopping from one bubble to the next, playing with his timing and he was quite accomplished at jumping just when the bubble popped. He loved to float through the air and watch the world pass by under his unnoticed form. Humanity had lost the ability to perceive him and that was just fine with him.

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Fantastic!! who would have thought that Kurt was that old!!