School and Ramblings About Photography

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I’ll always be the teen sitting at the back of the class room, and piping up when I feel like I have something to input. And I always have a lot to say when it comes to photography, be it an opinion about a picture or a suggestion how to do something better.

Those who can’t do, teach. And I’ve always liked teaching my peers everything I know, been like that since I was a little kiddo. I think mom always thought I’d end up as a teacher. I guess I still could but I also dislike most people and think they are beyond any help because they are just too stupid, so I don’t think I’d be too good as a teacher if I didn’t have brilliant students.

It’s beyond my comprehension how some people are completely unable to do research and study on their own. It’s like someone needs to hold their hand every single day and insert the knowledge into their brain, and then re-install the knowledge again every week because their weak ass skull is too stupid to hold it in.

Mind you, I’m talking about adults here, who should already be more than capable of using Google, watch relevant Youtube videos and read tutorials about the subject they are supposedly interested in learning more about. But no.

I know I’ll get super frustrated at some point for having to listen to the same stupid questions over and over again, I was already about to snap at some people today. We have a really tight schedule and resources at school, so if some students don’t put the work in on their own, it hurts everyone.

I don’t know how someone can think they will learn to be a professional photographer in two years, let alone if they only do the bare minimum outside of school. I think you might have a chance at being a good photographer after doing it for ten years, but the learning never stops if you yourself want to be better.

You need to look at good photographs, study different techniques, learn about light, colours and composition, create your own style, understand culture, and shoot shoot shoot. I think one of the hardest things and what will only come with years of practise, is seeing.

You need to be able to see, really see the images, and be able to read them.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed, obsessed with photography. I take photographs, I appear in photographs, I look at photographs, I speak about photography, I write about photography, I study photographs. I live and breath the art of photography.


I am confused are you saying you like photography?

Like is such a strong word but yeah I would say so ;D

Those who can’t do, teach.

I read this quote earlier this week, and it's so true. I really love the lighting you used in the photograph displayed on your screen. Good done, well job!

Thanks, I'm really trying to get good at doing some light and fresh photos too :)

I don't know much about photography, but school...Yeah, I had a favourite class. Lunch! Oh, I liked home time too.

I hope you're having a good week.

Lunch must have really been your favourite class because it's not the first time you mentioned it :D

Oh? Well umm...Yeah. Me likey lunch time. :)

Maybe some people go study photography as they assume it's an easy way to get good, making sure they don't need to put much effot in it.

Also, I'm surprised you're into photography. I wouldn't have believed that!

I’m sure some are really surprised how much work it actually is. It’s so different to just shoot something as a hobby and when ever you feel like it, than when you actually have to meet certain requirements to give the client what they need.

Photography is a somewhat new thing for me, just something I decided to try out for fun, we’ll see if it sticks.

If you're photographing only for yourself, it's only up to your expectations. If you're photographing for someone else, you'll have to ensure it's what they expect it to be.

Can be a goddamn pain in the ass.