Minimal Effort

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Maybe I should stop wasting my time with the self portraits and just take phone selfies with an instagram filter slapped on. Don’t even have to do my makeup well when the right filter draws on liner, paints your lips and gives you lashes to die for. So easy. Much fun. And completely useless.

With minimal effort, you get minimal results. That’s just how it goes. You wanna make something great? You want to stop people scrolling when they come upon you? You have to put in the extra effort and practise to make it happen. You have to have the right tools, knowledge, vision and attention to detail to really make something good and grab people’s attention.

Pretty much what ever creative field you play in, is super saturated because it’s so easy to share it all to the world and be in the same pool with everyone. Everyone is s photographer and everyone is out there trying build their personal brand.

While you shouldn’t be too conserned with what other people do, I think it’s smart to be aware that if you want to do something creative more than just as a hobby, the competition is tough. I don’t know yet what I’m going to be when I grow up, or which field in photography I want to pursue, but I know that it’s a very competitive business. You have to have a very clear vision, unique style and be great at selling yourself and also be easy to work with. Being able to take a good picture is the least of my worries.

This week I need to start drafting a business plan for the next course we have in school. So far this is what I’ve come up with:

I want to take pictures and I want someone to buy those pictures with many moneys.

I think I’m off to a good start. Keep it simple eh?


This should be a good start! lOl :D

The more moneys the better! 😁 Good luck!

Always, but until then, gotta embrace the starving artist life 😅

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Nooo... this filters not look good 😅😅😅

You don’t think I should abandon real photography? 😝

Never 😅

But one photo here was scared me :))


Wolf eyes :P

You call this minimal effort, but even my bestest of selfies often end up making me look worse than I already am 🙃

Your first mistake would be using a flip phone with a flash to take your selfies 😝

Haha, mid-2000s Motorola Razr for the win!