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I've been blogging about #blog #life for quite sometime now. Like 2 months straight, and I know not many would even care to read my stuff anyways. The only reason I do that is, to record my own life experience.

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Not like I really have anything to share with others, but most of the time I'm ranting about how bad things is. I also realized I have mentioned about I stopped smoking in the last few posts. Reason being, I'm trying to foster a stronger believe in myself for not turning back. It served as a reminder as I made a promise to myself for not going back. If I do that, people who does read my blog will find out and not only I lose my health, I'd lose my face.

This is it, it's my life, it's my blog. I do this not entirely because of money. Call me a liar, who doesn't love money? But I know my time spent in writing, worth so much more when I use it for my other work. I just like to write and see if anyone will drop by and say hi.

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Yeah say hi and record about yourself 😊

Hi Lestari! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you read my post.❤️

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.



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Ha. The evidence is here. No turning back. No turning back. You must feel better today than two years ago.

Planning to stop writing for a week, and see how many did reply me. Glad to have you in my list buddy.

Dude, glad to be in your list. Sometimes we feel like this place is a ghost town. Other times people surprise us. The truth is that if I'm getting less than 2 cents per post I shouldn't be posting.

I actually find some interaction in actifit and others in the communities. I haven't gotten much response from the sketchbook community but a lot from natrualhealing and hivecrossculture.

I know you are doing fine. As long as you got your health and family you are doing well. I couldn't spend as much time as you keeping up with crypto and "opportunities" but I do spend some time thinking and praying each day.

Hey, I get it. I like to think most of us, i.e. ME, post on here for my sanity and need to share. No other reason is really keeping me here.

Now I have one more reason to come back. Thank you for being here, the least I find some people do leave me a message. I lied. Not only making this a journal, I like comments, not entirely because I'm an attention whore, I could have been an annoying person, getting flag is also part of the attention correct? I just love to see real people, real comments. I'll make a post soon. 7 day gone by, atleast 5 person came by. Enough reason to continue.