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once upon a time, there was this guy. he had to go to work on Christmas eve, upon leaving his job Christmas morning to get home to his wife and three children, he hit a deer. The whole front of his 2007 toyota camry got smashed up, and he so he called the insurance company for which he had full coverage insurance. they asked for a $500 deductible which he didn't remember being part of the contract whatsoever, but oh well.

fast forward to new year's eve, and he's going back to work. he cannot find a ride to work from anyone, because they are all out drinking and partying. so he decides to try to chance driving the car to work anyway, but he called the employer first to ask if there was any possibility of switching the shift with someone else. the employer got very angry and told him that if he didn't make it to work, he would no longer have a job.

so he gets in the car and tries to drive there before he is halfway there, the car starts overheating and dies on the side of the road. the radiator is all smashed up from the deer, but since it was still cold, he figured he might have a shot of making it. lady luck said no, no, no.

fast forward to a few days later, and he goes to this employer to pick up his last check, hopefully, to pay the deductible and car payment, so that the loan company does not take the car. however, this employer is such an irate piece of shit, that they refuse to pay him, citing that he never paid for his training and orientation, which was never discussed or part of the contract of his employment...

so now he is without a car, a job, and any money- and must go to the courts to fight this employer for the money he is owed... timer up.

true story.
and the subject of the story is me.
if you thought my luck couldn't get any worse, it probably will, before it gets better.

i've asked myself and the universe what I ever did to deserve such things, and I received no answer. all I do is work to support my family and help others whenever possible. clearly the universe is playing some sort of evil trick on me.

thanks for reading.



So many people live from paycheck to paycheck...
Voting and sharing this. Maybe get you some love.

yeah, man - i just wasn't prepared or expecting this at all... with christmas and the kids- all my cash was depleted. there couldn't have been a worse time.

all i know is i just can't give up. no matter what life throws at me. keep pushing forward.

thanks for your empathy.

Hey me and dog are homeless and stuck in a van. Got a guy flagging me and trying to remove steemit from our hopes. But @rawpride and his ego won't stop us.

Stacking crypto for land and a home for me and dog.


been there, done it! under bridges, park benches, abandoned homes, train cars, friend's couches, anywhere i could!

it was actually the only time in my life where i felt most free, so i have conflicting feelings about it... at least you have a friend to keep you warm/company! i wish you the best as well, hope you find whatever you're looking for, and achieve whatever you're hoping for.

btw, is the dog's name literally "Dog" ? lol...

Zeus flatsak. Destroyer of balls and hater of squirrels, lover of chicken strips and Mr jumps really high. Most times it's easier to use his nickname. Dog or doggo...

And yeah every vote we stack and one day maybe we can have some paradise for ourselves...

Thanks for sharing your story with us @cryptoastronaut, I wish all the best to you and your family, and that it will all be solved for the best, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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thank you for your kind words.

Thanks @cryptoastronaut, and keep creating awesome content.

sorry dude, that sucks. Employers can't withhold pay even if you did owe for equipment or other stuff - pay is due for hours worked, and if terminated each state has its own laws for how long the company has to get you the final pay after they terminate you (and it isn't very long - a few days at most). The good news is, if the company doesn't get you the final pay in the time that the state law says they have to, they will actually owe you more money. Contact your state's labor department, they will take over advocating for your paycheck and will make sure you get the money you are owed, plus some possibly if the employer has already exceeded allowable time. Some states do not have such a law (very few), in which case the federal law is that the pay must be received by the time the next regularly scheduled payday rolls around. If you happen to live in a state that doesn't have a final paycheck law, then you would contact the federal Department of Labor's paycheck and hours division at this link:

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Thanks for sharing this post

So sorry to hear about your bad luck. i sure hope it will get better soon!!

what a tragic story. hope you make it through it!

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