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RE: Dead as a doornail.

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Greetings dear friend @deirdyweirdy.

This was a great story, of course assuming they were hypothetical facts, since this would be practically a family tragedy especially because Aunt Matilda surely loved her little chihuahua.

I congratulate you for your creativity and those images that you managed to create, certainly provide a very pleasant reading fluency.

By the way, how did Sean's marriage proposal conclude?

All best, Piotr.


Thanks for the visit m'dear. I wasn't aware you were a fiction reader.
As to Sean's proposal, suffice to say he died a lonely old man in a garret!

Dear @deirdyweirdy

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

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Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr