Putting things in perspective | The difference that planning can make

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I'm Mexican. I usually go with the flow. Most of the times, if not all,when it comes to life decisions I play it by ear. This means that I don't really do much planning. I'm not sure if this is because I'm Mexican and we are the perfect chillers - or lazy tequila drinkers by a cactus - or if it's because I know that any plans you make are subject to father destiny and whatever God or energy you want to believe in.

I'm the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul

Still, there's only so much you can do to control an outcome and how things unfold. You can plan as much as you want and you can work as hard as you can but, in the end, if it's meant for you, it will happen even if you run away from it; if it's not for you, it won't happen even if you chase it.

Having that said, I think it's a miz of both. I like to consider myself as a chill person and at the same time, I underestand that planning can only take you so far. You need a bit of luck, sincronicity and to listen to the signs from around you.

Those are probably the two main reasons I didn't quite plan ahead moving to Austria last year.

If you followed my blog last year, you might be familiar with how I went to live in Austria for 3 months last year. The plans I had about staying there long term and start a life there and the goals I had about studying and geting a job there.

Well, in the end I was too chill. I didn't plan ahead anything, I didn't bring enough money to be comfortable during my job hunting and most importantly, while I was there I never did anything to get a job, or actually have a routine and a normal life there. It was just like long term holidays. I met a girl and I was with her but that also didn't work out, mostly because of me and my lack of drive to actually stay there.

It's been a year since that. Well, almost. I left to Austria in March 2019.

It's been a year of that, and now I'm leaving to Berlin in less than 2 weeks. But this time I'm prepared, perhaps a bit too much to the point where I'm overthinking things and I'm stressing more than what I should. The bright side is that this gives me confidence. I researched about universitites there, languages courses, types of Visas and the requirements. All that it's missing is that I fall in love with Berlin.

I need to love Berlin. I get bored too fast and everything gets old quickly for me so, in order to stay in a city, it needs to be the city for me. The good thing is that this time I don't have to worry about uncertainty, I just have to be mindful about fulfilling my plans as best I can, provided I get some help from father destiny.

If I don't love Berlin, I won't stay, that's a fact but, something tells me I am going to love every inch of it. My hunches are usually right, I trust them, which is why I change my plans so easily and so quickly if I receive specific signs. I hope I'm right and I end up loving this city.

I'm already in a job hunting oddysey. If I want to, I can already enrole in a language course there and do the paperwork to get my student visa. I already researched and this city holds so many places, experiences and events I know I want to live so, overall, it's looking great, perhaps excellent.

I know people there, in fact I have family there - something I wasn't aware of until a few days ago - and there's a girl I'm looking forward to meet again and see what happens between us (perhaps I'll tell you a bit more about her on another post)... These are positive factors for my potential life there, but they are not the most important ones. I believe that to be fully happy - if that exists - you have to be in peace with yourself and, place you live in and people that surrounds you, that's why loving Berlin is the most important piece of this puzzle. But damn, if you met this girl you'd know why I'm looking forward to meet her again.

Putting things in perspective...

I feel confident about this, I trust myself and my choices. I know that, unlike last year, this year it might be the one where I give my life a 180° change for good.

I will keep you updated on that one, dear readers :)


As always, here's a picture of the setting where I'm writing this. Do you like my office?

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You could hardly not plan such a move given that you need a VISA to study.

Very nice office.

I thought you'd quit smoking?

It's a love/hare relationship. I quit every other month and I go back once I know I am still the one holding the bull by the horns in this relationship. I hate it though.

Exactly, now imagine how silly I was to want to go to Austria without any plan whatsoever :P


I know what you mean re smoking! I just quit again after about three months back on it over Xmas, and my main hobby is running.

Still, it was easy enough to quit, and Spring/ summer are much easier months to be self-disciplined.

Good time of year to be moving to Europe, just as spring starts to kick in. I think you'll love Berlin.

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You will love Berlin as this city has everything for everyone, but sometimes searching the perfect match takes a while.

Love to meet you whenever you landed in that vibrant city

To get on a more solid path to success and stability to achieve your goals you need to, first off, leave your vices behind. Be it drinking, using any types of drugs (including weed and pills), gambling and even gaming. Leave it all behind. On top of it, let go of people who aren't an enhancement to the lifestyle you want to lead. The people that want to pull you back into the parties that leave you hungover aren't the people you want or need in your life. It can be about where you live but it is also about who and what you surround yourself with.

In short, get rid of bad friends who drag you down, stop drinking and/or using any sort of 'illicit' substances. Get healthy and eat healthy. That includes having at least 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and up to 3 (lunch). Don't eat late at night and be to bed before midnight if you have a day job. Be your own instead of chasing a world that wants you held back. And have a hobby to do on the weekends that doesn't just involve sitting in front of the television, computer or using your tablet all day. Read books, get outside when possible (even when it is just to sit around outdoors), talk to neighbors, taking weekend/Sunday drives. Go to public events, big or small, especially free ones where you can meet a lot of unique people. Don't live locked in and live free.


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Proper planning brings success. We should be creators of circumstances and not victim of circumstances.

Damn right man, it's not what happens, but what we make happen and how we react to it.

You need a bit of luck, sincronicity and to listen to the signs from around you.

Agree with this words for 100%. But unfortunately in my case sometimes I'm so hurry that miss them...
If talk about Berlin in my opinion based on my last trip there it's not the bad place and under certain circumstances it's quite realistic to live and love this city.

Thanks for the encouragement about Berlin!
Definitely, sometimes we just need to stop, calm down and try to listen to them, they whisper very lowly and if we are in a hectic space in life, we might not hear them.


So hope we won't miss our most important signs in our life! Anyway I wish you goodluck in your begginigs!

Good luck with Berlin, one of the cities I love to visit in this World, having heard many good stories about this city: great adventure, beautiful places to tour and many things. But one unlucky things Ghana lacks- "travelling difficulties." I think I have to prepare steem post about that. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts.

Is that 20 unlucky strike I see?!

Good luck on the move, you aren't so far away for a visit either way this summer :)

Damn, you got me, indeed they are.

Yeah man, once I'm settled in Berlin most of my weekends will be to visit Steem amigos and old friendships. Best to prepare your liver :P


Having goals and plans, developing a positive daily routine - those are the most important things to achieve anything.
I'm glad to hear you've started your journey ready to make a difference.

Good luck with falling in love with the city. Mainly it's your perception of it. If you're determined enough, you'll find reasons to love the city. Otherwise, you'll just find excuses.

Thank you for sharing your journey and it's nice to meet you!

I'm BOI, by the way.

@anomadsoul, .. when u need to re-hydrate after good paragraph of writing, .. do you reach to he left or reach to the right ;-)

Que tengas buen viaje y que el amor que esperas tener de Berlin sea verdadero y recompensado con buenas experiencias.

Espero que tu aprendizaje del idioma sea rápido y si no te gusta, bueno no pasa nada te regresas al lugar de donde partiste.

No te alejes mucho tiempo de steemit, te saluda con cariño tu fans enamorada jejeje, (te declare mi amor en mi post a quien sigo en steemit). Chaoo que estes muy bien.

¿De dónde eres? seguro se da una vuelta por su país(risas)Un abrazo @soyunasantacruz.

jejeje yo de la linda Venezuela, él de Mexico ligado con Norteamericano, gringrin pues.

Saludos @lisfabian jejeje

You always make me laugh even though I know this is very serious for you, you didn't ask for an opinion but I tell you this year you are older and next year you are more. Pending that the other one doesn't come and so on. Keep on enjoying the happiness that is inside you. You're like 25? that age is like a quarter of something. A hug Berlin be nice to @anomadsoul and see if it lasts longer than 3 months over there.

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Got back here after some time.. Glad to see you’re still blogging, I used to read your post very religiousely! Nice to see some familiar faces around ;)

Let me be an inspiration for you buddy! Meet me back in Koh Phagnan Thailand in three weeks. We'll chase women, smoke weed, and chill on the beach! Shit we can even drink some tequila as we wait for our new New (Justin Sun) to make us all rich on steem! lol

Right now I'm motor biking up the length of Vietnam from south to North, but life is best in islands of Thailand for me. So, I think I'll be heading back there in couple weeks. I don't know why you would want to stay in a place where you freeze your ass off half the year anyway! lol Regardless, wishing you the very best brother!

From the beaches of Nha Trang Vietnam! -Dan