We depart on the Fractal Journey [Deutsch/English] Wir beginnen die Fraktalreise

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As I wrote in the first article on automation (see [1]), I want to set off on a fractal journey with seven more Fire.Wie ich im ersten Beitrag zum Thema Automation bereits schrieb (siehe [1]), will ich mit sieben weiteren Feuer eine Fraktalreise eröffnen.

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The first 5.55 Steem have already gathered thanks to the gifts calculated by the Steem Blockchain (many call them rewards), so that I did not hesitate to begin the jointly formulated principle of fractal donation now.Die ersten 5,55 Steem sind dank der durch die Steem Blockchain berechneten Geschenke (viele nennen sie Belohnung) bereits zusammen gekommen, so dass ich nicht zögerte, das gemeinsam erdachte Prinzip der fraktalen Schenkung nun zu beginnen.

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But not only Steem is donated here. We also devote our attention and experience to each other. Everyone who decides to start the adventure for himself, will be rewarded with Upvotes from all of us, and additionally from the account @holycow2019.Doch nicht nur Steem wird hier geschenkt. Viel mehr noch schenken wir einander unsere Aufmerksamkeit und Erfahrung. Jeder der sich entschließt, das Abenteuer für sich zu starten, wird von allen von uns, und zusätzlich vom Konto @holycow2019, mit Upvotes beschenkt.
All you have to do is devote your attention to the fractal journey as well and express interest. We are already looking forward to the joint journey!Du brauchst der Fraktalreise dazu nur ebenfalls Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken und dein Interesse zeigen. Wir freuen uns bereits auf die gemeinsame Reise!
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Footnotes / Fußnoten
[1] https://steemit.com/introduction/@re2pair/welcome-to-the-age-of-automation-deutsch-english-willkommen-im-zeitalter-der-automation

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I'm not understanding.

Sending steem to whom, and why? Completely not clear to me. :( Please try explain again. Because we LOVE Gift Economy and ideas like this!!

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Thank you @artemislives, from your question I have found a great article on the topic. And this is exectly where we are coming from: the system will eventually collapse. Give it a read, please.


There are two fundamental ideas that are added to this:

a) When the gifts do not come from your bank account but from your rewards, it encourages you to become productive on the blockchain. And as a newcomer I found this especially appealing.

b) There is not the one person as described in the article with

"One person starts the mandala by recruiting 2 friends (as 'earths'), who each recruit another 2 friends (as 'airs') and it all looks innocent enough. What can go wrong?"

But any eight 'fire' are starting a fractal while their initial gifts are given to the community-account. On the blockchain it is absolutely transparent what is happening with the community-account. You can even refrain from joining an existing fractal and start with eight 'fire' on your own by giving to some community.

It really is an experiment to falsify the whole concept and at the same time raising productivity on the topic.

And from citing the article again:

"Whenever the mandala stops, only a tiny amount of people will have gotten their money back."

.. eventually anyone will conceive that a gift is a gift. A gift may enhance something. And it sure does. But it never can be something you can expect to get back. Whenever you get something, it is another gift. Nothing more, nothing less. And when you expect something, gift economy certainly is not for you (and I don't mean to address you here, @artemislives, but anyone reading this).

This whole thing definitely is complex. So I hope this comment can help break it down a bit. Does it?

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