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in hive-129924 •  4 months ago  (edited)

This weekend, FOSDEM will take place at BrusselsAs always. It's a gathering of free and open software developers, happening every year around February.

Had been a couple of times to that conference in the past years, it's a really social weekend where you can listen cool talks and meet hackers all around the world.

Here is the schedule. If anyone plan to go, let me know so we can have a quick chat between talks :)

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Not close to Brussels, but thanks for the reminder! Quite some interesting talks, will check out the recordings/slides later :)

Hi - unrelated to the post, but are you for or against reducing the PD to 4 weeks, I'm just reviewing my witness votes on where people stand.

You've voted for both proposals!

I'm ok for both ways. I don't believe four-week power-downs will increase any investment, however, I'm not against it to try since there are a lot of users and stakeholders believe that will be a huge change. There is no harm to experiment.

It's hardly worth falling out over!

Personally I'm against it as it's likely to lead to more rapid fluctuations in price, which I don't think is desirable for a token with multiple use cases and businesses being based on it.

Great for speculators, but come on, how many coins do they need to speculate on? There's already hundreds more out there!

However, it'll probably be quite a minor effect, I can't see it doing that much at all TBH.