Black Locust flowers ◇ A delicious wild food

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They really smell like jasmine amd honey

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Rot resitant lumber

Nitrogen fixer

Wild Food

Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) is a tree we have veen letting grow on the propertt because of its rot resistant qualities. It's a very hard wood, and I have heard reports of black locust fence posts that had been burried for 40 years and looking almost untouched by time once pulled out of the ground!

Being in the legume family, it is an excellent nitrogen fixing tree amd the roots will cover large areas!!!!! Another reason to let these awesome trees grow.

I was also made aware last year by @bghandmade that the flowers are edible. There's only about a week and a half window to harvest the flowers. I was afraid of missing the opportunity but the smell is so strong and beautiful (jasmine and honey) that it became obvious we wouldn't have missed it.


That first day we picked just a few handfuls, tried them raw and fried... so delicious!!!!


Sure they look a little burned, that's because they were. But there was a enough unburned pieces to have a descent snack amd yeah... really tasty!


We harvested some more, apparently they freeze really well so we have a bag of them in the freezee, and a mason jar full of dried flowers for cookies soon!


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