Too Much Of A Coincidence And Most Likely Planned

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Arsenal are hunting for a new manager and somehow I don't think Freddie Ljunberg will get the post. I think Freddie may survive until the New Year ,but then his caretaker role will be up. This is the seasonal time that teams that are desperate change their managers hoping for a better run in to May and possibly salvaging their season.

What I find interesting is that Rafal Benitez was on Monday Night Football last night and coincidental the match was between Arsenal and West Ham. With Rafa being in London it can only mean one thing and that is he is discussing possibly taking the Arsenal job. Rafa is in managing in China right now and the last time I looked it wasn't close to London.

There is one other possibility and that they are using Benitez as a pawn to get someone else to hurry up and decide. Showing Benitez in London knowing whoever is in the running for the job will be watching this game would have taken note he was on the show. It is sending a clear message to whoever else is in the running to hurry up and decide as he is not alone as others are also being considered.

I would imagine the candidate they are trying to get to sign is Massimiliano Allegri and he is most likely in discussions with Manchester United and Arsenal keeping both his options open. With United winning at the weekend it may have dented any possible plans there and why Arsenal are pushing so hard. Very few people saw United winning against City and if the result had been different we may have seen Allegri already at Old Trafford this week.

I do believe that is closer to the truth and the likes of Allegri and Pochettino have been dragging their heels possibly hoping to only take over in the new year. Arsenal and West Ham are both desperate for a change of management so it wasn't surprising to see fans jumping to conclusions over Benitez. Rafa has a decent resume and is probably the perfect fit for Arsenal seeing immediately where they are lacking and what needs to change.


On a really honest note, I believe Mauricio Pochettino is better for the arsenal job reason is because he brings continuity unlike the other sacked arsenal managers who were really inconsistent. As for lungberg he won't get the job

Mikel Arteta will be promising and unpredictable 😁

Yes, but would he leave Manchester City if Pep is going to leave.

Yes, but would he leave
Manchester City if Pep
Is going to leave.

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Mmm, I would stick with Freddy, but that’s just me... !trdo

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That is a very interesting analysis. Who do you think would be the best fit for the job?

There are a few but obviously the club is using another manager to try and land the one they really want. I just think it is the kind of thing they would do as I would do that in an around about way.

I feel that Freddie Ljunberg should be given time to show some consistency. This time Arsanel has performed below average for sure and the only thing can help them is time. Frequently changing manager is definitely a good idea.

The main reason behind Arsanel's defeat is the under performance of players. Only Pierre-Emerick has performed significantly till now and has scored aroung 11 goals consistently. Unless every player will contribute, its difficult to win , no matter how good is your manager

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I think Arsenal should choose someone that has played for the team before, Mikel Arteta ticks the box.

Pochettino would have been lovely but given his history with Tottenham, the fan base would not take it lightly if he should start losing.

Since football is all about the money and filling up stadiums, the fans would live Mikel Arteta and his pattern and they would give him more time.

My thoughts though...

very keen observation

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