Man United draw v Liverpool keeps Ole in a job a little longer

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Prior to the big game at Old Trafford today, there was a lot of chat about Manchester United's chances of earning anything from the game, and the general conclusion was that the result would be hiding by the champions elect, Liverpool. As it turned out, this was not the case at all as a resilient Manchester United earned a draw, and were it not for a late Lallana goal, the home team would have collected all three points.

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It's not always the case, but you can expect form to go out the window when the top sides meet, especially when the rivalry is so fierce. And today this happened, as for the majority of the game, United looked comfortable even though Liverpool had more of the ball.

I must admit that seeing the home side's line-up, I was surprised and happy to see De Gea - reports suggested he would not be playing after picking up a knock playing for Spain in the week. Apart from this boost, the rest of the team looked weak - Fred has not impressed me at all, and Rojo looks like he's got a big mistake in him each time he appears.

Salah was a miss for Liverpool but Origi has done a job when fielded in the past and with Lallana and the Ox back fit, they had ample cover. The man of the match for me is a close one between James and Pereira, both battled hard and showed class - James setting up Rashford for the opening goal. VAR was called upon to check a potential foul on Origi, but the goal stood and I think the contact on him was minimal and there was simulation on his part.

Mane put the ball in the net before half time, but rather unfortunately handled the ball, or to be more accurate, the ball hit his hand. Rules are rules, and that one isn't great if you want to see more goals in games. The second half was largely dominated by Liverpool, but they didn't create an awful lot and the matched seemed to be slipping away. Lalana though, who had had a torrid time with injuries these past couple of years, popped up with the equalizer when Rojo went walk about late on.

I think a draw is a fair result, and as a Manchester red, anything to stop the Scousers breaking records while their have this purple patch :P

I'd love to quote you some incorrect stats or show you some images 'sourced' from google, but that's just not how i roll.

You can tune into another 50 posts discussing this game, littered with spelling mistakes, and find those.

Ole lives to fight another day and even though Man U didn't win, I saw a much better performance today and hopefully this result is something to build on.



Oh, and guess who predicted 1-1? :D

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Hey, this was a really nice review. I have a quick question. Hopefully it doesn't come across the wrong way. There are a lot of people in America that thing soccer is boring. I always argue that any sport where the fans riot on a regular basis can't be as bad as everyone thinks. I am just curious what makes the sport exciting for you as a fan. You can't deny that a lot of the game is just the ball getting kicked back and forth. I think if the scores were higher most Americans wouldn't dislike it as much as they do. I personally don't mind watching it when the teams are decent. When it is my nieces and nephews it is more like watching wild animals being herded.

Yeah that's a fair question. There does seem to be a lot of back and forth and the game can sometimes lack the intensity of its relatives and other sports. But if you've grown up with the sport, and played it for 10000's of hours yourself, you get to see what the untrained eye might not. Pulling the ball effortlessly out of the sky, raking a 60 yard cross-field pass, a faint or dummy, and even a last ditch covering slide tackle, they are all so impressive. At the highest level, I could watch it all day, and wish I was 20 again so I could fly round the pitch swinging the left peg :)

Worst result possible for the club I think as he will keep the job until Christmas maybe and possibly leave them in deeper trouble. Liverpool were poor today by their standards so I wouldn't be excited about the result. Norwich, Bournemouth are going to be a nightmare.

You could well be right! Renewed false hopes n all.

For some reason I'm hopeful that results will pick up - still need a couple of players though, included a CB to partner Maguire.

The break did them good. Pereira had the game of his life. I was full sure they were in for a hammering. Liverpool were poor. They missed Salah. Klopp will have them in double training sessions now for a month

Agreed. There is an opportunity to build on that, but as C&C says, this result could just prolong the inevitable and leave Man U even worse off.

managed to watch only first half and was surprised how much Liverpool did nothing and Man utd played descent if you consider how they looked in few past games.
just watched a short highlight, Rojo really went walkabout.

Yeah, a combination of one team lifting their game and the other not playing as well as they can. Man U need defenders!

they need a team reconstruction. something that arsenal is trying to do for few years. That is why i think sacking Ole will not change nothing in a long run, maybe those few first games.

You could be right. Fergie was given years before won anything!

I was pretty ridiculed to see to see your prediction. But it seemed like I was the one humiliated with my 4-0 scoreline :O

4-0 to the home team? 😁

I told blanchy today that Liverpool won't win and I was definitely right, they were shambolic and didn't deserve to even get a draw really. They've been really just lucky

Their form has dipped but the results have been the same - not today :) Firmino was poor and they missed Salah. Happy with the point, would have been very happy with the win!

Haha so you're a Liverpool fan?

No way! :P

And the whatsapp messages begin :)