All over bar the shouting / Bizarre comments from Peter Crouch

in football •  9 months ago 

You know the game is total fantasy when Peter Crouch is in charge at Liverpool. The ex-England beanpole has really put his foot in it this time though.

Having just knocked Liverpool out of the FA cup and then given them a beating in the League, their current boss had this to say.

You sure about that Crouchy?

20 points clear and 9 league games left - I think it's in the bag. Maybe he's considering recent form?

Lost away at Cardiff and Arsenal, but those are the only 2 defeats so far this season and so I'll forgive the lads for that. Crouchy, get your head out the clouds and look at the data :P

I noticed the other day that is still something for me to play for in this game. The hall of fame has me in at 3rd, even with the domination Macclesfield have had over the past 6/7 years.

I'm hopeful I'll surpass Roberto Mancini at the end of this season or the next, and then maybe I can give the game a rest for a little while.



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The disrespect is real! I'm going to have to go against Crouch and say you're a pretty safe bet for the title!

Quite disrespectful and rather dumb of him!


Thanks for sharing review of future past present.
Best of luck. Do you all believe that luck also play role in any game.?

Good fortune is a must!

Those stats are pretty telling. Even Arsenal who is the closest in second place has had a ton of draws compared to the team in first. I still didn't really quite catch the comments the guy said. Was it just because he seemed rather aloof about the whole thing?