Why We Can Thank Government For A Lack Of Market Diversification

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If you look around and there are only a handful of options to go to for your food supply, think about how government contributes in numerous ways to making that come about. And how the government is an enemy to individual liberty by limiting the freedom of each person to pursue more self sufficiency in their own lives.

Remember, criticizing government doesn't mean you are against organization in general or rules. Government as we know it today isn't the only way to come to an agreement or organize etc, there is an option to respect individual consent as an alternative. Sometimes this unfortunately needs to be pointed out.

But when you look around and see that there are not many options for where you can go to get your food, that is because there is a lot of red tape restriction in the way that has prevented many more options coming to light.

Be it restaurants, food growing operations, stores, or even more farmers market engagement and prevalence etc. There are countless rules suffocating these activities and our freedom to pursue them, though some are still willing to endure and figure out their way through the web.

Everyone who wants to start raising animals or growing plants can't just start to work on creating whatever environment they want on their property without making sure that they are "following the rules".

If you wanted to start your own business in growing vegetables with hydroponics for example, to give people in your community an alternative local source for food, there would be various regulations and fees, licenses that you would have to obtain before you could start to grow and serve your community. It isn't as simple as lets all just go out and start growing.

You might want to get some of your own chickens, but what does your government say? And you might want to purchase some raw milk from your farmer friend down the road, but how does your trusty government feel about that? They prevent you from doing this in many cases.

Depending on how many animals or plants you have right now some individuals very well may be "breaking the rules" in some circumstance. People who have created garden spaces before have had to destroy their work because they didn't know they were living under such overbearing restrictions in their community. They had to learn the hard way.

Government regulation suffocates market options and limits supply chain diversification.

If we want to see more freedom in the market in the way of options, whether that be someone starting to grow their own or starting a business to do it to feed others etc, then occupational licensing and other restrictions that suffocate these actions will need to be overturned.


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You are absolutely correct regarding the purpose of government in directing our production to the centralized institutions concentrating our wealth in the walled gardens of overlords.

"...occupational licensing and other restrictions that suffocate these actions will need to be overturned."

However, this will happen as a result of our decentralization of production, not how that decentralization will be enabled. Those overlords will not permit us to produce our own goods and services while they wield power. We will have to do it anyway.

I strongly recommend ensuring that efforts undertaken today to produce goods and services be cryptic. During the Holodomor, ~10 million people starved to death in the Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe. Ukraine had ample ability to grow food, but their gardens, farms, and even ability to forage for wild food was prevented by government, because the government wanted to kill them all, rather than allow them to oppose it's power.

Today we see the population of the world under house arrest, and our people surveilled with facial recognition, thermal 'fever detection' tech, and prevented from undertaking necessary economic activity to produce what we need to live. Instead we are offered stimulus checks, and our food supplies are being destroyed to make us dependent on the institutions profiting from centralization. Those that oppose being enslaved are being forcibly captured and enslaved in jails, a warning to the rest of us to tolerate our slavery outside of jail.

We will not control jurisdictions controlled by overlords against their will to power. We will have to first have the power to meet the overlords on their battlefield of institutional policy, and that means we must first create our own goods and services that enable our posterity to thrive. Because they call that freedom from their centralized power a crime, we will have to do so in secret.

When overlords enslave the world, being free is a crime.

Be free anyway.