Hyvää Vappua! - Happy First of May!

in #foodporn2 months ago


It's munkki time of the year!

There is some other legit reason for the celebrations on the first of May but I much prefer to think it as Munkki celebrations. (@galenkp would agree.)

Delicious sugary balls are my favourite, I can eat about 6 on one sitting, depending on the size obviously.

Do you prefer the donuts or the balls?



My preference would be the balls, they both look very tasty

Balls are just more fun to eat, even when they taste the same.

This is we called #Laddu he’s my favorite one and I am always happy to take it is made of seeds of nuts 🥜 and coconut milk powder

I just googles laddu and no these are not the same, nothing similar other than the round shape 😅 what I have here is most closely related to donuts.

Munkki mayhem!

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Voilà une autre partie de la Finlande qui est à découvrir... Nature, cuisine... Quel beau pays!
En France, pour le 1er mai, la tradition veut que l'on offre des fleurs de muguet qui sont censées apportées du bonheur à celui qui les reçoit.

That is a lovely tradition, but aren’t they poisonous? 🤣 I’d gladly rub them on a few people though.

We don't eat it. Sure

Growing up in a small town, our local bakery used to make a version of these that they injected with a little bit of Raspberry jam. (I helped a friend prep the dough a few times) Looking at the recipe here, https://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/munkki/ , this is exactly what I remember the ingredients were.

I typically prefer cake doughnuts over yeast doughnuts ... but Raspberry filled Munkki beat them all!!!!

We make the jam filled ones too :) All of them are good but yeah I think I prefer a donut too, but don’t tell anyone!

My lips are sealed.