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Keep clicking that subscribe button! We'll be handing out a subscribe reward to everyone that has subscribed since Communities went live. We're at 134 FOODIES! Tell your fellow foodie friends to subscribe and link to the community in your next post. Let's ride the lightning!


It's been a BIG week this week on STEEM. Communities launched on both Steemit and SteamPeak. Love the @steempeak interface. You should check it out. Check them both out!

Couple things to note. If you post on FOODIESUNITE.NET your post will automatically show on the Community with the community tag.

We're looking for more curators and also content curators for the community. You will receive weekly FOODIE rewards for either of the roles. If you would like to curate (that's hunting around for awesome food-related content on Steem) then let us know!

We currently have four curators running around manually curating content that they see... thanks for all your efforts so far. We curate in Spanish, English and Indonesian. Thanks go out to :

Join our ranks, just comment below if you are interested. We'll get in touch.

We're also looking for "members" to create and post content through the Community site and FOODIESUNITE.NET. You tell us what you want to blog about and post and we'll set you up on the Community site to allow you to post. Again, let us know below... we'll send you weekly FOODIE rewards.

That's it for now... watch for the FOODIE Truck post later today! Have a gastronomic day!


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ALL you foodies come and gather with us in #foodie on!


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The FOODIE token is a utility token specific to the site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market-driven and may never have any value.


seems like when its a dtube video, wont show here on the community, Jason? or how does it go? i am on dtube community, we post on separate platform (which is dtube), but our vids will show up automatically on dtube community even without posting on the community itself

so, if i post on dtube, and tagging foodiesunite, will it show on this community, you think? I havent explore much, still tryin to grasp how things work with communities lol


Hey, Let us know. I'd like to make sure that we have some good cross over ... Still working it out as well. Happy to experiment :-)

Can’t express the amount of appreciation for the support of @foodfightfriday ‘s Though the founders have been busy and just keeping it going, your support is greatly appreciated.

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Awesome- we love working you guys too... love the FOOD FIGHTS!!! We love supporting the community!!!

@foodiesunite Just wanted to let you know I joined the group. Check out my blog when you have a chance, I put together #food posts daily. Glad to be here!

Fantastic! Thanks @treyball... keep up the great work on your posts!