Millennial Food: Impossible Burger Night

in #food9 days ago

I kind of knew that kombucha, charcoal water, avocado toast were trendy millennial stuff, but I didn't know plant based meat was one of them.

I have been eating this because I just like it. It taste good and not too heavy like real meat.
This "japanese" burger I made last night was Impossible Meat 😋

It is a meatless meat that taste pretty much like regular burger and texture is like beef too. It doesn't necessary mean this burger is "healthy"... but environmentally friendly... maybe? 🤔
But anyway, it was a pretty good burger.

Impossible beef with spicy togarashi vegan cheese with soy caramelized onions and bonito flakes.


Green stuff is baby kale and arugula mix that came from my community farm/garden with wasabi miso dressing. I didn't make the dressing 😂

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Looks nice and tasty, but I think I'll stay with the real meat for now 😅

I love 🥩 real 🍖 too 🤤