My Homemade Ice Cream Chocolate Marshmallows Cookies N Cream

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Hello everyone!

I made an ice cream.


It is good for the hot weather here. I am craving for an ice cream.

Instead of going out to buy an ice cream, I prefer to use the available ingredients I have, such as:

● All Purpose Cream
● Kremdensada
● Oreo Chocolate Biscuits
● Marshmallows

It is just a simple recipe for a yummy ice cream that satisfies my cravings. 😋

● First, refrigerate the all purpose cream and kremdensada for about 2 hours.
● Second, whisk the refrigerated all purpose cream until it doubled the volume.
● Third, mix the kremdensada with the all purpose cream.
● Fourth, crushed the oreo chocolate biscuits, pour in the mixture of all purpose cream and kremdensada, and mix well.
● Fifth, add some marshmallows for additional flavors.
● Sixth, refrigerate overnight.
● Lastly, serve the next day. 😋

That's my homemade ice cream! 😋 It is so creamy and not so sweet. It is just good for my taste. 😀

You may try your own ice cream, too.

Love lots,



Karasa man.☺☺☺An ak hinimo cookies and cream la..waray marshmallow.hehehe

Marasa liwat eto ky ice cream man. Hehehe