Fresh Fruits and Veggies Salad

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Hello everyone!

I have here healthy fruits and veggies salad that is good for my health as I am on my treatment. You may also try it for yourself. It is yummy and delicious.

Here's the ingredients I used:

● Green Lettuce
● Red Lettuce
● Pomelo
● Mango
● Mixture of Mayonnaise and Catsup

To make it more presentable I did not combine them all together. What I did, I put them on the plate one by one.

● First, I put the green and red lettuce.
● Second, I spread the mixture of mayonnaise and catsup on top of the lettuces.
● Third, I sprinkle the pomelo fruit.
● Lastly, I sprinkle the mangoes on top.

It looks awesome, colorful and it taste good.

Enjoy the healthy, delicious and yummy food I prepared.

Love lots,



Soo lush!

Yes kabayan! 😀 😋

Hey too dear
How r u
M sure its yummy

Yeah. It is yummy!