Sunday Meal Prep! {Salad, Overnight Oats, Tempeh Skillet & Slow Cooker Curry}

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Hey everyone! I'm popping in to share some of my meal prep for the week since I had one of those mega days in the kitchen yesterday. Lately I've been spreading out some of my cooking since I've had a little bit of free time here and there throughout the week, but starting today I'm a bit busier again helping out with some corporate run groups. Instead of feeling rushed during the week, I just buckled down yesterday and prepared all kinds of meals and snacks for the the days ahead. That definitely means I will stay well-fueled for all my running and other activities!


I also seem to not be able to hold myself back from buying everything at the farmers market, so meal prepping makes sure none of that goodness goes to waste. I am still in the mode where I just go make my weekly visit Saturday mornings and buy whatever looks fresh and delicious, then take some time in the afternoon to figure out how I'm going to put everything together into cohesive meals. It's kind of fun to get creative and think about different ways to use some of the standard ingredients. Of course I still try to branch out and try new things as I see them, as well! I've seen the shishito peppers for a while now (green and red in the bowl above), but this was the first time I tried those. Luckily I did as they were delicious grilled!


Speaking of grilling, let's get right into the menu for the week. I didn't take any pictures of the final meal, but @dksart took one for the team and went out in the summer heat to grill our dinner last night. The shishitos, eggplant, and mixed potatoes all got happy on the grill while I prepared a quick salad of Bibb lettuce, butter beans, cherry tomatoes, homemade sauerkraut and a drizzle of lambrusco vinegar. I tend to go a bit heartier for my salads usually, but since this was in addition to the grilled veggies I kept it light and fresh! I always try to find a balance in the week between slightly calorically dense whole foods to give me enough energy, and the lighter, still nutrient dense foods to make sure my body can process them quickly to give my digestion breaks here and there.


As another way to keep the kitchen cooler, I also opted to break out the slow cooker for a take on a curried farro recipe that I shared last year. I love going back through my old recipes and tweaking a few things based on what I have on hand. This one I switched out the lentils for fresh lady peas, raisins for fresh chopped pear, and carrots for butternut squash from the garden. I think I'll have a bowl of this when I get back from my lunch time run group. The turmeric and spices will be great for recovery. That's really the name of the game this week (and really every week)--see how much good stuff I can get in my body to keep it healthy and strong! 💪


I opted for two different "breakfast" creations this week, as well. Yes, I am a big fan of second breakfast. When you get up at 4:30 am for clients a few days a week, it's nice to have some extra healthy fuel to power through the day. We are trying to use up the last of the peach pressure cooker jam that I made a little while back, so I made overnight oats with a little coconut milk, the peach jam, chia seeds, rolled oats and chopped apples. I sprinkled pecans to top off each jar. These are always so easy to make in no time flat, and they are great to grab and go. Sometimes I'll eat them cold, other times I'll warm them up before I enjoy. This week was the last of the peaches for the season, but the apples are starting to pop up now. No fruit shortage in our home just yet!


My second breakfast is a veggie-packed tempeh skillet. I was thinking of doing a tofu scramble as I hadn't made any in a while, but I already had tempeh on hand. This kind of breakfast (or it would be great for any other meal) is a fantastic way to pack in lots of veggies early in the day. It's pretty darn easy to make, as well. Just chop up whatever you like or have in season and cook it up in a single skillet.


This round I had onion, bell pepper, tempeh, mushrooms, tomatoes, and some green beans from the freezer. I used chili powder, cumin, paprika and some other spices to season it. Of course I can't forget some greens, so chopped broccoli greens and a squeeze of lime were added in once I pulled the pan off the heat. I will chop up some avocado when I eat them this week. Love that it makes about six servings to keep me going all week with maybe one or two to share with @dksart.


I did make some date bars that I'll share in another post with my date haul update later this week. I think we've still got a few other things, including our acorn squash from the garden, to continue working with, as well. The cooking never ends! That's all good though as the process is enjoyable and the results of consuming wholesome, homemade meals is worth every second of meal prep!

Now off to catch up on any #fruitsandveggiesmonday posts to get more inspiration for my next marathon cooking session...


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Everything looks amazing and super healthy my friend! It's great when one has time to prep ahead, makes life so much easier! A friend always doubled up on meals if they were suitable for freezing so she often had ready meals on hand for busy days. Look forward to the dates post:)

Thanks lady! It can be hard to carve out the time all at once, but boy does it make a difference the rest of the week! And all this took maybe 2.5 hours all together with clean up time? Not bad when it means it's smooth sailing the rest of the week. I do need to get better about trying to freeze some stuff. I always freeze individual fruits and veggies, but it is nice to be able to pull out some meals ready to go, as well!

In the first photo there is a large set of products! In the process of cooking, there is no longer a feeling that there will be a lot of food))

It does end up looking like a good bit less once it's all cooked up! Though I think what I shared is only maybe half of the haul. The peaches and apples we are enjoying for the most part as is for yummy snacks. :)

WOW you sure have been busy preparing all these meals and they look so good

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Sundays are rarely a day of rest in my kitchen, haha! Though it does provide some great introvert time to just get in there by myself and tune everything out while I get my hands dirty. :)

Centrainly did ot sound like a day of rest Sunday was when I did some cooking to have ears from my wife for the week,but nothing as fancy and as heathy as yours I must adit

I am so happy you are sharing your kitchen wonders with us Katie! It's been a while and I missed it, to be honest. I always admire your strategic and creative planning. Everything looks mouthwatering!!! You definitely deserve more than one award, but for today, I am going to give you:
Most Mouthwatering Entry.png

Aww, thanks my friend! I hadn't really realized how long it had been since I had done one of these until I started looking back. It is pretty fun to share with everyone, so I'm glad you and everyone else seem to enjoy them! Though I'm even more glad to be able to reach into the refrigerator at any point and have one of these meals ready to go. :)

That's so awesome that you can work so far ahead and get all that prep work done! And it looks so tasty, particularly that tomato salad. Mmmm. I plucked a number of tomatos from my plant yesterday and think I need some fresh mozarella to go along with them.

Thanks! I've been cooking like this for quite a while since my schedule tends to be a bit all over the place at times. No matter how busy the week gets, if I take the time on Sunday I know I will have healthy meals at the ready to keep us going. The tomatoes right now are so killer! Definitely refreshing in this constant oppressive heat. ;)

Such lovely dishes, @plantstoplanks! It’s so great that you reap the bounty of the farmers market. It really does inspire a person to cook and be creative when you have all those nutritious, colorful vegetables to work with!

I never get tired of going to the farmers market! Those guys and gals work so hard, and it shows in the quality of the produce. I never used to think I was a creative person until I started branching out more in the kitchen. As you said, it's hard not to be when you have such a muse! :)

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You are so amazing! I love your cooking, as it's very much like mine - I buy a whole heap of veggies, a few nuts and vinegars and grains, some tempeh/tofu, spices - and then get creative with it! Speaking of which, you could probably use #creativecoin for this post! I'm a big fan of different vinegars. We've been using a lot of sherry vinegar of late for a simple salad of fennel, peppers, capers, parsley, and sherry vinegar. It goes nicely with some kind of falafel, perhaps out of freekah with some smoked paprika mixed in and some slivered toasted almonds.

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Oh man that fennel salad sounds delicious! One of my farmers at the market usually grows fennel (we haven't tried in our garden yet), so I can't wait for it to come back in season. I use it a lot for family meals since my sister can't do garlic or onions either. When you've got fresh, high quality ingredients the sky is the limit on the meals you can create! As always, I love sharing the process with all my Steem peeps who find a similar joy in their own kitchens! :)

Looks like a great cooked breakfast! Although, I think it would be more like a dinner for me! Tempeh is pretty tasty, I really should use it much more often in my cooking....

It could definitely easily be a dinner, too. :) I really enjoy tempeh. It's so nutty and filling, so any time I use it in a meal I tend to feel satisfied.

Planning for the week ahead with wholesome dishes that all look super fresh and tasty, well done @plantstoplanks nice to sit back at the end of a day and feel you accomplished what you set out to do.

Thanks Joan! It definitely feels very good when that last dish is washed and the refrigerator is full! :)

No magic fairies around to fill the fridge nor wash the dishes!

wow! so delicious!

OMG! Can I come live with you??? All you vegans eat so much delicious food, stiving harder to make it all come together!

You nailed it!!! OMG! Yes!

I love the overnight oatmeal and it was only with the vegan side that I learned new things to put into it. It has been a great adventure!

Your veggie-packed tempeh skillet for the second breakfast? Yes, please. All those flavors melded together? You always make your farmers market run so worthy! Thank you for sharing such a delicious way to make your day!

Thank you for being a great member of #SteemUSA!


Come on down @dswigle! Though I'd maybe wait until the heat abates a bit as it's just not fun to go anywhere right now, haha! That's the other benefit of cooking all at once--you save yourself from heating up the kitchen repeatedly throughout the week. 😅

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wow! what a lot of work! But as you say - it is better to buckle down and put in the effort than be unprepared later in the week.

That veggie and tempeh looks soooo good! I love dishes that are super green like that x

It definitely does seem like a lot, but once you get rolling it all comes together pretty quickly. I try to take a few extra minutes ahead of time to make sure I'm working in an order that makes sense to use the least amount of dishes possible, haha. I love cooking, but doing dishes is such a pain. 😜

The tempeh is delicious! All those veggies came together for a yummy meal.

Looks great. Mice to have some meals prepared in advance.

Thank you! We'll be finishing off the last of the meals today, but it was a wonderful week of healthy food ready to go! Back to the farmers market tomorrow morning to do it all over again. :)

God woman! It's 11:23 pm and you are making me hungry and I already had a snack!

I just got some peaches today and I'm wondering about what could do for morning breakfast that isn't too sweet. Peaches are not something I work with a lot and all I can think of is with oats. How do you keep thinking about all these amazing meals? It's always different and looking so delicious!

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