I must admit I am a pasta addicted

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OK that's not a stereotype or a prejudice, I admit I am Italian and ok , ok, i must admit I am a pasta and pizza addict, I eat pasta daily its maybe not good for the diet too much Carbo, but I truly love it.
Really how can peppla survive without pasta?
It is truly a misery for me, I can not survive without it, I miss it if I don't eat it.
Oka when I travel as I foreign I am a curios person so I don't search for Italian food abroad but when I am at home I can not live without cooking past

All kind of past, pasta made with egg or cereals (lighter than the normal one).


I'm Italy there are many kinds of pasta, made in different way and with different ingredients and in different dorm, like tagliatelle similar to spaghetti but less long, pici like gnocchi but smaller and with more pasta, trofie like a long piece of pasta modeled, cannucciotti, pasta for soup (like very little pieces of pasta with drawing on, stars or just circle little pasta), tortelli, etc..
We have really many kind of pasta and I love them all.
There no kind of pasta that I dont like.
I also like trying different kind of pasta, now like gluten free pasta or with kamut or similar its tasty too

So do you like pasta!? Are you too a pasta addicted!?


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I'm a pasta-addicted too 🤣 I eat it more or less everyday and I agree with the fact that every kind of pasta is good... lol

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Yep I am not alone so 🐾