Guwoldong Tteokbokki Restaurant Delivery to make it easy for Baetteok Incheon

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Hello :) It's already impossible to end January 2020

Time is passing fast enough to feel

Work harder this year-to be loved

I aim hard every day

Of course, it sounds like you eat and eat delicious things.

I just delivered it from Baetteok Incheon in Guwol-dong

It's a hot review ♡ Today is a day off at home

My favorite number one food Guwol-dong Tteokbokki Restaurant

I ordered it :) It's a very special place and I want to recommend it!

though the rating is very high, the minimum amount is 10,000 won.

This is a place where you can order by yourself.

Maybe if you have to eat one food every day

I really like Tteokbokki unconditionally.

The reason this place is special

There are a lot of flavors that you can't usually taste!


Representative menu from Roasted Tteokbokki to Usampyeon Tteokbokki

What does it taste like? There are menus you want

It's sure to know, but with the Tteokbokki combination,

I have never eaten it!

Because it is eaten alone, it costs 8,000 won for 1 ~ 2 people

I ordered one rosette and tempura together


If you add toppings, you can eat more generously

Basically, quail eggs + vienna + bacon are included.

You can choose between rice cake or rice cake, but I like wheat cake

I chose

Even if you order the normal taste, it is slightly spicy

I can't eat spicy food, so I made it normal!


The amount is more than I thought, so I ate it twice

There is a lot, and Tteokbokki can't eat this house

As the latter words say, it's the first time you taste it and its fullness!

I was so satisfied :)



The tempura is also freshly fried with clean oil.

If you eat with multiple people, you should order them by type.


A combination of soft chewy wheat rice cake and rose sauce,

And the basic topping wasn't that much

Bacon and Vienna quail eggs!


If it tastes just like it, you can eat a little and get tired

The spiciness and creamy taste blend together

Very good ~! It was :)

In Guwol-dong Baetteok Incheon, there is also a review event.

If you order after participating in the review, the service will be superb.

I can get it. These days in the delivery of ethnic applications

Because I do most of the late events

In my position to deliver 4-5 times a week,

It seems like a very good event ^, ^ !!

Tteokbokki to be eaten at home

Unconditionally, Baetteok Incheon Store!

Guwol-dong Tteokbokki Restaurant is here.👍🏻

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