Breakfast at Pariya's Place - Airbnb in Bangkok, Thailand [STEEMFest 4]

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Breakfast at Pariya's Place

Airbnb in Bangkok, Thailand
[ @STEEMFest 4 ]
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During @steemfest 4 in Bangkok, Thailand, most attendees stayed at the Prince Palace Hotel. I decided to book an Airbnb, about a twenty minute walk away from the official hotel. When I travel I prefer to stay in an Airbnb than in a hotel. I feel like I get more of a taste of what the local environment is like when I stay in an Airbnb. So far I have never had a bad experience using Airbnb and I've used it countless times. I am usually very impressed with my Airbnb accommodations, as was the case with my stay at Pariya's Place.

Every morning during my stay I was greeted with a delicious homemade breakfast. At 8 AM breakfast was placed on a table outside of my bedroom. Below is a look at the meals I ate at the Pariya Villa in Bangkok.


Day 1

Day one I woke up to shrimp pad thai as a welcome to Thailand dish. There was some fresh mango, some sort of fruit juice and a slice of blueberry cheesecake to go along with it. Everything was delicious and it was at this moment when I knew I chose the right Airbnb.


Look at that awesome slice of blueberry cheesecake!



Day 2

For the second morning I was given a bowl of green curry with chicken to pour over a plate of rice. There was a hard boiled egg on the side, and a lemon sweet tea to wash it down. It was accompanied by a plate of papaya and dragonfruit with a bowl of some sort of fruity gelatin. Another complete and delicious breakfast.



Day 3

For Day 3 there was an italian twist. A spiced spaghetti dish mixed with sausage and bacon, served with a nice little side salad. A plate of pineapple was there to refresh. To end the meal I was given a delicious tiramisu style bread pudding.


Look how good that tiramisu looks!



Day 4

Day 4 I was given a plate of rice with a seasoned chicken drumstick. A couple of cucumbers went alongside. A spicy green sauce accompanied the dish to pour over. A clear brothy soup with a leafy green vegetable was served with it. A glass of iced Ovaltine to wash it down. In the back of the picture you can see a folded palm leaf which contained a purple sweet sticky rice. Some apples and dragonfruit went with it. As you can see, these breakfast platters were phenomenal.



Day 5

For Day 5 I was greeted to a plate of delicious pork fried rice. It was served with some sort of soupy porridge custard. Not quite sure what it was. A big plate of sliced watermelon accompanied this dish with a glass of orange juice. To top off this meal I was given another slice of that delectable blueberry cheesecake.



Day 6

Day 6... my last morning waking up at the Pariya Villa. I was given a plate that consisted of a sunny-side up fried egg, french fries, sausage, bacon, sliced tomatoes and sauteed carrots. A cheese toastie was served with it alongside some sliced apples and papaya. An iced sweet tea was given to wash it all down. A great final meal in Bangkok before heading to Koh Chang.



Overall this was by far the best food I ever received while staying at an Airbnb. Every morning I woke up to a delicious spread of foods and it gave me a great start to the day. All of the meals were delicious and well-thought out. If I were to ever go back to Bangkok, I would definitely try to stay at the Pariya Villa again.


Thanks For Reading!

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The food really looks good there :)

It sure was @tattoodjay! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods

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I do remember great food from my time there many years ago, yes all os good here Cheers and !BEER

thanks for the beer!


Hey @jeffjagoe, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

Hey Jeff. That all looks nice, BUT I had been able to make it I could have taken you around for the REAL Thai food. This stuff above is like "samples for foreigners". But I could have blew your mind with some real proper Thai food, cheap, on the street. Were you able to explore the culinary scene BEYOND the AirBNB, of the SteemFest venue? One of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes in Thailand in Kao Man Gai (boiled chicken)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Do you ever have any plans to travel to Vietnam (Saigon specifically) in the relatively near future? If so, I would LOVE to meetup, and can show you some REAL Vietnamese street food which will blow your mind. You could be the first Steemmians I would actually meet in person. So I'm extending the invitation. Guesthouses here are cheap, and prolific, as is the food But I know where to go to get the REAL stuff, and the REAL culture. Trust me. Since you seem to travel OFTEN I HIGHLY suggest a nice little 12 week R&R in Saigon There's lots to do here, everything is cheap, and you will at least know someone who has a REAL pulse on the place. They've also got a decent craft beer scene here, which I think you and I have discussed in the past. Let me know.

Jeff, here are some of the daily shapshots I take of the food, and other "moments of zen" in Saigon. From what I know of you thus far I think you would really find this place STIMULATING...


^^ "Bia Tuoi" ("fresh beer" -- freshly brewed on site) - 13,000 VND ( ~ $0.50 USD) per liter. But the best thing about these places is that they barbeque all things chicken into the wee hours of the morning (ex. full chicken, breasts, head-neck, kidneys, intestines, etc.) When the sun goes down these places really come alive, as the whole city lights up will all sorts of signs, and lights, and smoke, and - yikes - "the traffic"...


I view the beer and food as a REWARD for getting through the traffic (on my mountain bike no less).

Bia Hoi 2.jpg

Bia Hoi.jpg

The Vietnamese don't mess around with food...

Definitely looks awesome! As of right now, I do not have any plans to go back to South East Asia, but I sure would love to and I will keep that in mind! I had a great time eating the street food in Bangkok. The bike traffic in Vietnam looks wild! @for91days was telling me there are definitely a lot more bikers on the roads in Vietnam than Thailand. Now I can see.

Just crossing the street is an excitement:

Them’s is good wieners...
I miss bkk food😢

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Me tooo, especially the prices

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Wow! Those food all look delish man! The green curry with chicken looks interesting to me! Btw if you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost you per day during your stay there buddy? Because im planning to try out using Airbnb the next time i get to travel.

Definitely try AirBnB, it is great. It was roughly $70 per day, not quite sure how that compares to the Prince Palace. There are loads of cheaper options on AirBnB, but I went for what looked to be the best

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cool! will defo try it out in the future! thanks man!

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Thanks dudes

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wow delicious food my friend.