This Tom-Yum lacks something.

in food •  3 months ago 

I think there could be something green like spring onions bean sprouts. Also, coconut milk might make it a bit less stingy.


Eh, maybe we didn't follow the instructions in the seasoning bag right.

The mushrooms weren't bad. Maybe we should sell them to Thailand. :)

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You need some green for sure :D

Yep that's what was on my mind when we were making it. I thought it'd need much more colour. Now it's just red.

With the leftovers, we decided to buy some coconut cream, and add that along with spring onions to the broth and bring it to a boil. Hopefully it'll fix it. :)

Need some lemon grass and lemon juice?!

We really can't get lemongrass here, but we did get a lime and squeezed that into the broth. The seasoning smelled of lemongrass so I think that was covered. I would have liked fresh ginger though. I think I will try that some day.

Ginger would make it more interesting!

I’ve tried buying many seasons packages to make Tom-yum at home. It never gets close to the real deal. I think it’s the fresh ingredients that makes it real good.

I agree, the ones we had there were really something else entirely.

It seems little spicy! Nice try!