Let's make a Guayanés Cheese Sandwish!

in food •  10 months ago 

The Guayanés cheese is typical of Venezuela. It is a semi hard, watery, fresh, milky, crustless kind of cheese. Its texture allows to "spread" it on breads, arepas, cachapas and other food. It is one of my favorites. Today I share a Sandwish based on this soft and fresh delicacy.


Although the main layer would be Guayanés cheese, I decided to add gouda cheese and ham. Added to that are some flavoring ingredients such as chives, green pepper, bell pepper and onions. To give some moisture to the bread, I used mayonnaise and mustard.


  • First, I placed a layer of mayonnaise and mustard.
  • Next, I added the gouda cheese and ham.
  • On them I added the chopped vegetables that I smeared just a little with more mayonnaise.
  • Now the main layer. I added the Guayanés cheese and combined it with chopped chives.
  • Mayonnaise and mustard on the other side of the bread.
  • Finally, I toasted the bread in the pan on both sides.

By heating the sandwish, the semi-aqueous cheese softens much more and allows you to feel a sufficiently moist Sandwish that does not makes you tire when chewing. The scallion gives it a particular flavor, and everything amalgamized very well. It is a very fresh Sandswish, easy to prepare and delicious.

I can't wait to eat it again!


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