Nilagang Kamoteng Kahoy

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Hello Everyone😊😊😊

Our snack for today is "Nilagang Kamoteng Kahoy" this rootcrops was given to me by my friend who stay near the mountain.Since they have a huge territory there they plant different kinds of rootcrops and vegetables.So before she give me a cassava she asked ne first If I want because there going to harvest a cassava (kamoteng kahoy)so of course I said yes.It's a blessing anyway.And Im so thankful for them.With this food is so much help for us.
So upon recieving the said rootcrops I cooked it just the normal way which is "Nilaga".You just peel the cassava washed it with water and then put it in caserole and filled with water above cassava level then put a little salt.After that cook it in a medium heat and let it boil for 45 minutes.Just it.You have now your snack.A nilagang kamoteng kahoy.☺☺☺

Happy yummy eating everyone☺Keep safe always☺God Bless☺Thank you.

truly yours,



Kagutom! Marasa geap eto hatokan.

Lage te..Adi may sobra paman..Mag hihimo ako hn pichi-pichi☺☺☺

Halagadaw. Waray gudman lain buhatonon

Hehehe..Cge la hin experiment te.Para sunod dri na mag inorder..Mag hihimo nala.☺☺☺

Asya na makakabarato pa

Amo lage te.☺Tas mas marasa pa kay ikaw man nag himo.hehehe