Indian Mango w/ Bagoong

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Hello Everyone☺☺☺

I have here my very favorite fruit and partner it with also my favorite dish a "Mango with Bagoong"For me eating this was a fullfillment.I really loved this.People in the philippines know what it taste like.And I know some of them loved it too and might be there favorite also.☺☺☺

Okay for those who wasn't taste it yet,I will explain to you what the taste of this once you combined mango and bagoong.Let's start.We all know that indian mango is so sour and the bagoong is so salty,so once you put the bagoong in a slice of indian mango you cannot taste the very sour mango because sourness of it complement into the salty bagoong.And vice versa same as the salty bagoong to an indian mango.To make it simple this two are perfect to each other.☺☺☺


And here in the philippines this month is also the season of mango.So here in our town lot's of mangoes are being sell.And most of my neighbors bought a mango.And advantage to me because my Hipon with bagoong are always sold out.☺☺☺Thanks to my buyers anyway.So blessed and thankful to papa God for he is all with us all the time.

Thats it for now everyone.Happy yummy eating with this sour and salty dish Indian Mango with Bagoong.Take care always.God Bless you always.Stay safe always and please stay at home.Thank you again for always supporting my vlog.☺☺☺

truly yours,



Season food in the Philippines. It makes me salivate seeing the mango. Happy eating. Pls follow @hive-curator.


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Best combo ever! I really like how you explain what it tastes like for those who haven't tried it yet. :)
Looking forward for more of this kind of content.
And oh, be sure to use #hiveph on your next post.

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Thank you @czera for dropping by☺☺☺

Meada kami heto yana. Pero waray bagoong

Warai ngean napapalitan ngada?☺


As in?