Father’s Day Dinner

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Today is Father’s Day in Finland, apparently it’s not celebrated the same day all over the world. I came home to the countryside to celebrate dad and cook a proper meal for the family.

I started by baking a simple bread in a Dutch oven, which I haven’t tried before, but now I won’t bake bread without it because the crust is just superb like you can see.

Simultaneously I had the red wine steak sauce slowly boiling on the stove. I did not make the meat stock myself, ain’t nobody got time for that.

The meat for the dinner is moose sirloin, hunted by my father from a local forest. I pan fried it in butter, seasoned with only salt and a mix of peppers, moose meat doesn’t need anything fussy, then I put it in the oven in low heat to cook through. If it was for me, I would have left it medium, but dad likes it well done so I had to compromise.

Meat was served with simple mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and a traditional lingonberry ”jam”, which is not jam but just lingonberries smashed together with sugar.

The wine was a recommendation from the liquer store sales person, who I asked to point me to a wine that would work with game, and it did not disappoint. Even dad liked it and he is not a big drinker at all.



Now I’m gonna go mix this red with some glögi (mulled wine) and get tipsy. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, Father’s Day or not!

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I've cooked a similar bread, love it in a cast iron pot. it comes out nice and crisp!
Well done treat for your dad!

Never had moose. Might have to give it a go when I’m up there.

Legit meal Eve.

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I think you would like it! Though you’d have to probably find a fancier restaurant that serves it, because it’s not that common.

...Or...Someone could cook it for me...? Lol.

YUM!! Looks like a great dinner. I'm a fan of bread in a dutch oven too - apart from the fact they are so heavy to lift! I need to get back into baking again - it got a bit cold and the sourdough didn't rise that well so I gave up.

Lol, it’s not so bad, you only have to lift it on and off the oven a couple times 😅

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The crust has a lovely golden hue to it

Haha you all about that gold 😅

Yer June here I think. Looks like you done him proud 💯🐒