Carbs for Laif!

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I made focaccia three days in a row, and I ate them all by myself. I think I might have a problem....

I was inspired by @artedellavita by her focaccia post and because I had the ingredients, I made my own. I of course didn’t follow any recipes and eyeballed the whole thing, which ended up in me making way wayyy too much dough.

It was either a great thing or a horrible thing, to have fresh focaccia three days in a row. Tastes great, not great for the health. The focaccia just got better and better after the dought was in the fridge for two days before I got to use it all up.

I made mine with tomatoes, garlic and thyme, and bathed the whole thing in melted butter and olive oil. So darn delicious, especially with a glass of red wine. I could eat this all day every day.



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Woohoo you made it! And paired it with wine🥰 so glad you enjoyed it pretty friend!⭐️

Basically I blame you for me being so bloated now 😂

Haha oh no! You did double or triple the recipe though😋 lol I promise to share a healthier recipe soon❤️

looks yummy, well you have a body that can afford eat focaccia three days in a row (meant as compliment) I get fat only watching at the picture, LOL I have serious cravings though LOL hahah Looks like you enjoyed it :)

Yeah but there will be no nakie pictures on focaccia eating days 😂😅 Will definitely have to balance this out with some greens for a few days.

Looks really good! I've been making bread here lately and I can't stop either haha

There isn’t many things that are better than freshly baked bread!


That looks bloody good!

Wanna bite?

I'll take 2 :P


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Yummy it looks amazing, I have to try this as well.

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Delicious and easy to make, so why not :)

I hope your stomach will be fine!hehe I think you will need an omeprazol after eating that huge focaccia.
Bon appetite!

Lollll I don’t. My stomach will be back to it’s flat state the next day.

You've just made me hungry! :)
@life.syndication resteem

Resteemed 👌

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