Step-by-step heart- and soul-warming vegetable-soup with lenses..

in food •  9 months ago 

..high greetings to all you warriors of the holy crypto!!.. until now there’s no app making us yummy food or even eat for us, we have to care about us ourselves...
..cold, dark November-days almost asking for a hot power-soup!..
..and i answer with a hopefully delicious all-what-you-find-full-energy-super-soup! of the easiest things to make life a little and nutrition in general is not to undervalued, it can save or kill your mood and so your whole day..
..ok, let’s will see, easy and fast Event...

..first of all..


..a little motivation..helps me to get in the right mood..and cooking with style starts with an aperitif.., next step: repeat step no1 2-3times, until you are sure, that the right moment arrived...timing also really important..

..ok, now look around in your kitchen, what’s available without leaving the kitchen..


..i found potatoes, celery, onions, carrots...


..and leek, fennel, pumpkin, cawl, apple (yes, apple) and a bit of the outside of the bacon I found..the peel of parmiggiano-cheese is also perfect for giving the soup a good Italy the mamas and nonnas use it for every minestrone...if you don’t like it, leave it, no problem..


..cut all this stuff, put it with olive oil or other in a pot and fry it a few minutes..

..add laurel..a good glass of wine also in..a little Sojasauce fits perfectly.. it’s time for adding water..


..i want to put in lenses later, so I don’t put in salt, because otherwise the lenses want get cooked..if you want to make it like me, then put the salt later too..

..ok, now we have to wait..and make a big important decision: which wine for the meal?..and how much is enough??..


..ready..let‘s try..


..I like my soup with a few drops olive oil, parmiggiano and yummy bread of course..

..bon appetito..enjoy..

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Delicious and resteemed :-)

.. thank you!..straight to next goal!..