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I don't really like pizza, plus it makes me feel sick, but on Tuesday my family and I were invited to my cousin's house to eat pizza, so I gave it a try...and it was sooooooo good, and I didn't feel sick. When I got home I messaged my uncle for the recipe, and on Thursday I did it!

Mario's Pizzeria 2.png

So today I am going to show you how to do this amazing pizza!

After lunch at 3:30, I started doing the dough, first I diluted fresh yeast and honey with water.

Mario's Pizzeria 1.png

Then I mixed the salt with the flour and created a well in the middle, to put the yeast and honey mixture.

Mario's Pizzeria 3.png

With four fingers I brought the flour to the middle and then added water to create the final dough. Now that I had the dough I asked for my brother's help to knead.

Mario's Pizzeria 4.png

At 9 pm we came back to the dough to start putting the toppings.

Mario's Pizzeria 5.png

And here are the results 😍:

Mario's Pizzeria 6.png

Here is the recipe I used:


I hope you try this at home, it won't disappoint you


Delicious :)

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