The Nostalgic And Most Popular Food For All Occasions From My Country: The "Pancit"

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It is the a rice noodle in particular, very tasty (depending on who would cook it) and really can be prepared even by poor families with a tight spending habits whenever they would like to celebrate occasions such as birthdays and even death anniversaries for that matter.

The word "Pancit" had came from the Chinese words "bian-shí" which means convenience food or fast food. It is because it is fast and easy to make and it is tasty indeed even if you scrimp on the ingredients considering the cost of the ingredients are really cheap and would fit any budget of familiese that want to prepare it for the occasions that they want to celebrate.

It is tasty because it is oily, it has a bit of meat, common vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and parsley. It is seasoned with soy sauce which and most households also use MSG to make it more tastier.

Some people would also use local vegetable like "Sayote" and wood ear mushroom. So that is basically it which is why most restaurants and side-street eateries serves "Pancit" to their customers. You can also partner it with some rice to make yourself to get filled-up more.

Two Of The Ingredients That I Liked To Have In Pancit
Wood Ear Mushroom
Chinese Parsley

My mother never forgets our birthdays so she would insist that she should prepare some "Pancit" for us to eat altogether as family. I now always tell my mother not to cook some pancit anymore if it was my birthday because of what happened to me. But she always tells me that she had begotten me on my birthdate so she have to celebrate it nevertheless.

I have my own secret in cooking delicious pancit, it makes the product even more tastier. So you just have to season the meat that you will be using and then parboiling it with some onions and fish sauce before boiling it with water that is enough to rehydrate the dry rice noodles that you would be using.

You would create a stock which will make the noodles tasty rather than rehydrating it with water, that is the secret. Most people would rehydrate the oodles with water before putting it in the big frying pan but my way of doing it is better because you will get a tastier noodle because the noodles will soak in delicious meat stock before getting it seasoned some more with soy sauce and fish sauce to taste.

Pancit is an all occasion food here in my country and the taste varies from whom prepared it as some could create a very delicious version with the same ingredients aforementioned while some just doesn't taste good at all.

I am only talking about the rice noodle variant because there is also an egg noodle variant where it taste different because the egg noodle has its own flavor and some just doesn't favor it than the original rice noodles.



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