Stone Ages

in food •  2 months ago 

Hi Friends,

Technology is really cool these days, and I try to embrace it when possible. My wife is usually the same way, and even keeps her grocery list in an app, but the other day I just had to make fun of her when she was at the grocery store and asked me to open up a paper cookbook to look up a recipe for her because she forgot to get the ingredients out of the book...


How come she isn’t using digital cookbooks where you just press on the ingredients in the cookbook app and have them show up in your grocery list app cart? Seems like that would make sense! So my wife has some work to do when it comes to technology… Of course I probably shouldn’t be talking, I still get magazines in the mail! Oh well, I guess we can all draw the technology line somewhere!

Thanks for coming by,


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Sometimes digital ones don't have the things you want to make